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Late night #Row80 Checkin


It’s been a weekend. Friday it was cold. Saturday we sat at karate tournament half the day, daughter was hugely disappointed in herself, and we came home. Today cleaned some of the yard, got in a small fight with hubby and put myself through an emotional wringer until I realized I was playing out old patterns.

1. Write 750 words,5 days a week.

I’m pretty sure I’m meeting that. I have an dystopia type work I’m doing, which I love, but I’m being very deliberate with the plot, and I have to figure a character out before I can move ahead. He was falsely accused of a crime, and I don’t know what crime or what the real story is, and also what he’s good at.

2. Blog twice a week. I haven’t been lining these up very well, I need to give that priority for a few days. Between my oft mentioned Holly Lisle class, my life and my fiction efforts, I don’t have a lot of time.

3. Get outside with the children and hit the park at least once a week.

I think we went to the park on Tuesday during karate. Where we live the playgrounds suck. We have on playground that is only suitable for ages 7 and up. Every slide is up a ladder and across a climbing thing, that little kids can’t do. That’s the closest one and our school is only 2 blocks away but again, not for a 2 year old. Down by karate, there is an awesome park for preschool children, so I’ve been taking my son there now that’s it is warm out. We also played in the yard most of the day today. I wrote some while we were out there, and I cleaned some (until someone stole my leaf bags while I napped).

It was an okay week. I need to do some stretching and get a massage, because I’m holding a bunch of emotional stuff in my muscles and it’s making me miserable. It’s been over a month since my cousin passed away in the accident, chargers were laid this week.

All in all, I still need some time to recover from being with people Friday and Saturday. My introversion has been catered to, too much.


  1. I hope you can de-stress and feel better soon. I’m sorry to hear about your cousin…may peace be with you and your family.

    Sounds like you are making good progress on your goals – keep up the hard work! 750 words per day is great. 🙂

  2. What a difficult time for you and your family. a massage sounds like a good idea.

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