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Kid antics: hide and seek


Sunshine boy will be three in April.  He adores his big sister and her twin friends whom I watch after school.

One of the things the girls like to do is play hide and seek. Of course Sunshine is in there. Except he doesn’t quite get hide and seek. After the girls left a few days ago, and homework was done and television was boring, Sunshine, Princess and I decided to play hide and seek.

First, it’s my turn to count.  I am instructed to go down the hall and close my eyes and count. So I count to ten and then say “Ready or not you shall be caught.” And he jumps out of his hiding spot and yells “I’m over here.”

Then he helps me find The Princess’ hiding spot, and we cannot find her. So he figured she should just jump out and starts yelling “Where Are You Princess?”

The ploy did work once because she started giggling.

Now it’s  his turn to count and he covers his eyes and leans against the fridge a little. “One-two ….” big pause “twenty.” He can count to ten on his own, he just refuses to do so. So you have three seconds to find a hiding spot. And then he runs around screaming “I’m gonna find you” and I cannot help giggling.

We come around to the Princess’ turn.  I help Sunshine into the tub and instruct “be quiet.” He replies, “Okay mom.” And I run off to hide . She finds me right off, and I say, “Sunshine, stay quiet.” Of course he replies to me, “I will.”


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