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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Just Say Uncle


Just Say Uncle

Just Say Uncle



Ben has loved Selene since she was 5. The brother of her step-dad rescued from an abusive situation. Selene has become a woman in the 4 years since he saw her last. Too busy with his growing business, and nursing his guilty conscience for kissing her. But now she is exactly the right person he needs for his personal assistant and social media manager. Can he keep his new feelings for her at bay? Or will he give in to her desire to love her in a new way?





What was she supposed to call him? Uncle Ben? Just Ben? It was too much. She stood there smiling like an awkward loser.

His smile at her made her heart thump in her chest. “Kitten.” He held out his arms, offering a hug.

She threw herself at him. They wrapped their arms around each other and she melted into him, reveling in his old nickname for her. “Ben,” she whispered.

“No more Uncle Ben?” he asked, stepping back. She hated letting go already. That did not bode well for the visit. She couldn’t snuggle with him as she did as a child.

He looked confused, and she realized she was frowning. She brought a smile back to her face, and his shoulders relaxed.

They looked each other over for a moment. She had changed a lot in four years, at least she hoped she looked more like a grown woman than the child he remembered. He looked more worldly. And tired around the eyes. But they were the same golden brown and filled with nothing but kindness for her. He wore his hair longer now.

“I’m too old for that.” Selene’s fingers itched to reach out and touch him. She played with her necklace instead. He removed his jacket and hung it in the closet, giving her a chance to look at his butt in his designer jeans. She was a bad niece, but his ass was far too nice to miss. Besides, four years ago her feelings for him changed from family to something deeper, and stronger.

She tried like hell to ignore it, pretend it was hormones or youth. But now that he stood in front of her, she couldn’t deny it. She was in love, capital L.

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