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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Is it about the money?


I sat down while my son was playing Mario Kart to read Alfie Kohn’s book I borrowed from the library. Punished by Rewards. It has a long subtitle.  After three pages my brain hurt. I realized I skim read and there is no skimming in psychology text book and it was kinda boring. In contrast, 50 Shades was very skimmable. I’ll skip to the point in the Kohn book.

The gist is that rewards are a form of manipulation when we parenting or teach. But also in the workplace. I’m skipping to where he gives an alternative. But it got me thinking about writing for money.

If I wasn’t getting paid for writing, would I still write? Would I still share my work?

Probably, though it wouldn’t be as much of a priority and I wouldn’t pay as much attention to the crafting of what I’ve written. I probably would share via a blog or something similar of self e-publishing didn’t exisit.

There is a compulsion inside me to write and to share my writing. It is a nice feeling that I am contributing the my family.

Would you still follow your passion if you didn’t make any money at it?

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