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Interspriation: things I loved this week


Slash goggles in fan fic. “‘Slash goggles’, also called a ‘slash gaze’ or ‘shipping goggles’, refers to the metaphorical effect of reading slash — fan fiction featuring homosexual relationships — for an extended period, which may lead to seeing slashy subtext in almost all media” from

I probably have shipping goggles more than slash, which I would extend to shipping all sorts of characters who are not together.

This discussion this tweet started

The story of this confused Golden Retriever.

This story of a man and his dog. In Skyrim. 

The story of a kinky B&B in Nova Scotia, Canada and people freaking out about nothing. 

All of these fonts are amazing. I hoarded many in the romance section. 
Also I love people who get to name fonts and do so well. I suck at naming things, so a font like “Sell Your Soul” which is a beautiful font, amaze and amuse me.

I also learned this week not to be a smart ass and instead listen. But I did, with the help of some friends, get my new cover tentatively made.

What did you see this week that inspired you?

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