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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Interspriation 2018 #5


All links are NSFW unless otherwise stated


Soft by Mrs. Fever Sexy poetry.

Brad catches Kylie in a fantasy 

The blue train via @Books1799  #onehandread Also the end made me LOL.

Never enough. Mmmmm. #onehandread

Sensory fantasy. 

Please come to my office. #erotic dang, I’m coming, Sir!

Almost cold. Sounds like a very lovely morning 🙂 via @scanderella

Kate learns her nanny has a naughty side

Watching can be very hot Voyeur by Sarah writes smut

The four in the morning fuck via @KaylaLords

His hand in her hair guided her up. His fingers on her lips parted them. Hers  

from @KimMedhurst who sent me pieces of this as it was being written. Kitten’s first play time. #masturbationmonday #erotic #onehandread

Very dirty girls via @Mollysdailykiss


Where was this info when I was writing It’s Complicated. i wanted to do this but I couldn’t find out how to use a belt as handcuffs. 

The science of why dating your boss is bad. 

Active bisexual? More #bierasure. If you are are bisexual you are bi, even if you are in a relationship.

I want to title this: something someone learned while trying something new.   It is titled “I Tried to Like to be Dominated, but Learned I like to be Objectified by Pam Costa”

Porn use is linked to lower satisfaction but only for religious people 

5 reasons sexting is awesome. 



OMG @PosyChurchgate I WANT STOCKINGS LIKE THIS. I need them. SO gorgeous. and the legs *whistles* I’m not even giving the rest of you a preview click the link to see.

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