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Interspiration November


I first read about this from Rebel’s Notes. A few weeks ago Girl on the Net called for Sex Bloggers to unite and share each other’s work, as more businesses shun sex workers. This shun of sex includes book sellers, erotic topics don’t show up on certain bookseller’s websites,, and taboo topics, such as pseudoincest, are refused entirely by most. Selena Kitt wrote this article a few years ago but the information is still accurate. These bans leave me at a loss of what to do with my latest work involving stepdad and stepdaughter. It’s romance at the heart of the story. But my own issues are not the point.

If you enjoy these topics, let your voice be heard, and share works by your favorite smut authors. And don’t forget to leave good reviews all over the internet. Reviews are the good karma authors and artists run on.

I do it on Twitter daily, but I’ve been dropping the ball on doing a sexy round-up of everything I’ve shared. So I’m going to commit to doing this once a month. For more sexy follow me on Twitter. And check out the hashtag #soss on Twitter.

Every day I share sexy stories from around the web. All links are NSFW unless otherwise noted.


Wasted luxury


Possession via @mischa_eliot bringing back #onehandread 🙂

Wet via @fdotleonora Well I know I’m wet now. 😉

Sarah is punished and rewarded via @Livvy_Libertine

Sexy learning. #masturbationmonday


Knickerless girls shouldn’t climb trees. That could be up for debate.

Songs that make me want to use your cock. a dirty shadow as he treated her like anything but porcelain. I took my two fave lines and made them one. <3

Kitten is greedy. #onehandedread #tease via @fdotleonora

This never happens to me when I lose my keys.


How to have car sex. #lifetips

Top sexy roleplay costumes.

What you think you know about fetishes is probably wrong.

Dan Savage’s new show about great sex stories.

Taking him in hand

What is sex addiction?

Why couples stop having sex is the wrong question.

Out of sexting ideas? Try these. I saved this. I’m a terrible sexter.


What is the difference between kink and fetish? via @TheCaraSutra

5 things to put on your sexy bucket list.

Why you need to redefine love.

Age play via @thereon_cara I’m a big fan of older men too. 🙂 i also like seeing you happy.

in praise of porn and @WhoresofYore

4 ways masturbation improves your life

Women like porn just not shitty porn.

The Do To Me List.


Tooting my own horn

Brad has two unique ways to punish Kylie Caught Part 2: The Punishment

Kylie makes good use of Brad’s chair

“There isn’t one thing in this apartment, I haven’t paid for. Including you.”

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