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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Interspiration February 2017

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What inspired me in February? Here’s a glimpse. Lots more on my Twitter.  All links are NSFW unless otherwise noted.

Is a man with a motorbike hotter than just a man? Probably. Who knows why (safe)

This is a fun pic. Makes me feel like I’m peeking through the door.

Direct me. oh yes, that was sweet.


Would you ever get out of bed if he was in yours? Noooo. (fairly safe)

Oh, this is one of my fave fantasies. from

Best sex ever?

Sweet spots. Also ordered one of these recently.

The Promise In His Kiss: Sexy Quickie #2

Your soft, sweet skin. I want to run my hands over it. Then see if you taste better than you smell.

Delicious storyline. > Sizzling Nibbles: Punished by the Boss via

Bisexuals breathe fire.  The secret is out.

Nothing is ever the same after that kiss.

Excuse me while I go fan girl over this next tweet. *flails*

Since we were discussing long socks they showed up in my RSS feed.

She wanted everything he offered, she wanted more”

Morning love letter

Painted seduction from has been in my blog reader for days finally have time to read it.

Excuse me while I fan girl over this tweet as well.

BDSM is like sex on steroids. I’m struggling with enjoying writing vanilla sex. I think it’s full out kink for me.

Will Babygirl promise to love, honor, and OBEY Sir ’til do they part? Find out in FOREVER BOUND

I need to get a nice pair of stockings like this. I miss mine. also NSFW warning. 🙂

Sexiest movies list. Anything missing?

Life goals right here. #sorrynotsorry This one is very safe for all ages.

Tiny details.

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  1. Some great inspirations. Thank you for the tag

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