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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Interspiration December 2017 #SoSS


I keep saying I’m going to make this into a weekly post and I haven’t managed. So here is some of the stuff that inspired me this month

All links are NSFW unless otherwise specified. You can find more link sharing fun by checking out the hashtag #SoSS on Twitter.


If you get spanked in the woods today. via @TabithaErotica #onehandread

Chloe didn’t anticipate meeting TJ . Can she deny his sensual promise? #masturbationmonday

Carved in the heart via @ella_scandal Crowded Train builds anticipation via @fdotleonora #masturbationmonday

Pretty red rope.

Girl on girl domination story!! 🙂 yes please. via @HannahLockhardt

Keeping things hot in leather. via @girlonthenet

Give me more to savor. I guess @KaylaLords and I were both inspired by this photo.

The joy of being used.

a night out via @Livvy_Libertine

It might be cliché @BibulousOne but it’s endlessly hot as well.

Satin and lace. He fucked the tension right out of me. The best kind of sex!!! via @KaylaLords

Good help can be hard to find

Sensation is my muse. omg I love this @KaylaLords

Best sex positions for her pleasure.

It started as a way to make extra money, she craves their depraved discussions. More Than Friends: Night One Cam Girl More Than Friends: Night One

The wedding night. Sounds like a great way to start a life together! 🙂 via @Livvy_Libertine


Non Fiction

Via @Mollysdailykiss the top 100 sexy blogs of 2017

Maybe it shouldn’t be amazing, but it is.

So enjoy the spotlight. Revel in the magic.

And don’t forget to bring a little girl with you.

Won’t work for my cover, but hello McScruffy. Need to find a stream of hot hips for ya’ll. okay, that’s probably for me. #asraihipscale

How to write better sex

10 intense erotic dreams. Any to share? I remember a good number of dreams, but nothing sexy.

Learning how to sex with chronic pain.

I cried laughing at this What a story. It’s so out there it has to be true. WHO MAKES THIS UP?

Vetting potiental subs via @stabbity

5 daring places to use your vibrator.

Top 10 sex mistakes people are making.

Achieving multiple orgasms.

Parents guide to having a sex life.

10 perfect sex songs.

Which nipple clamps should you buy?

Blood sex and why we react strongly to blood

6 ways to handle anal mishaps.

Fucket list 2018

Sharing nudes with friends

Love at first sight is actually lust.

Oh I wish I could see the scene that transpired after this picture. I read a lot of Victorian romance and seeing how sex works with those layers of clothes would be great.



  1. love your chloe / TJ story. Great roundup.

  2. Fantastic links 😉

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