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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

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Abandoned all hope #Row80 Checkin

Show time! Blogging is like live theatre. via@SusieLindau

Living the Yay Life. What you’s Yay thing? via@ColeenPatrick

4 stages of healing childhood abuse via @LouiseBehiel

5 things writer’s can learn from Taylor Swift.

It’s all in your perspective

Self-publishing is not the easy way. A rant from @AMhairiSimpson

DIY bedskirt tutorial. My daughter’s bed needs a bedskirt.

Random Acts of Kindness Blitz via @GeneLempp

the urge to purge: how to let go I need this, I’m trying to declutter. but now it’s all in the hallway

Always on the cutting edge @NatalieHartford on the latest in women’s undergarments.

thoughts for a well-trained mind: sucess via @Ali_Dent

This was a week when I shoved my foot in my mouth. Several times. I pissed my SIL with good reason on her behalf.

10 social media pet peeves. I agree with most of it.

Jealous!! RT @dragonage: Want to know what the first fans to see Dawn of the Seeker thought of the movie?

LOL awesome. RT @jesswitkins: Advice for Bella Swan via @wordpressdotcom

This is pretty powerful. The creator’s manifesto.

The difference between money work and busy work.

What you don’t really understand.

Why is fiction good for us via @Colin_Falconer

@NatalieHartford with urban word wednesday Famine Underwear Almost there, need to do laundry.

I bet when you blog about underwear you get lots of mentions and incoming links.

Value of Earning via @_FabioBueno_

Are you a gentlewoman?

Sometimes it’s the simple things via @KristyKJames

You are mom enough if someone calls you mom. YOU!

Things not to do: go on craftser, search DragonAge. Things to do: study writing course. @Dragonage for the win.

which lead to this:

to which I said I would like to fill my bed with all the characters, but I thought my husband might get jealous

Truths about you and your work.

Be the example you want to see

Stop dreaming the reasonable. Dream unreasonably big things from@thecreativepenn

10,000 Hours For Writers: (cool, short video)

The best way to network: serve others.

Where are your edges? via @justinemusk my edges and voice are emerging. This life is a work in progress.

How to write fast (at least faster).

That is super cool. RT @JessicaMerizan: If dragons were real, this is what I think they’d look like 🙂

How inspiring would it be to live at Pooh Corner?

Sex in public: finding liberation through fear.’Yan’s blog is one of my favorites online.

don’t use too many tags and other wordpress goodies via@SusieLindau

Blog better by slowing down.

Songs you can’t understand

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  2. Thanks for including my post, Asrai. Those twitter snapshots are fun! 🙂

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