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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

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Today my daughter is competing in a karate tournament. I have no idea what to expect from this tournament. But hoping it goes well.

@KristyKJames: Slow, Deep Breaths….

Facebook pros. via @barrycrowther

13 overlooked branding opportunities for life coaches. As a romance writer I am an imaginary relationship coach. Hypothetical relationship coach?

Creativity is a verb and other insights from Milton Glaser. via @the99percent

8 insights from inventors under 30.

This may be a random thought

Make your own recycled weed block.

Need an endless stream of blog ideas?

 Wanna be my new shiny thing? Or just feed my narcissism by reading my about page? I ramble on about myself.
Crazy IS the New Normal via @elenaaitken
Let’s see some righteous Gray Wardening.
@DanielleLaPorte firing up creative geniuses on the Huffington Post for 30 days!!

The Power of Introverts via the Huffington Post.

@elizabethscraig is excited about what new technology, new opportunities in publishing. me too!!
“I did her too.” LOVE you Isabella.Dragon Age 2 video.
 You Are a Child of the Universe”: Max Ehrmann’s “Desiderata via@LenaCorazon Awesome, awesome, awesome. But probably would have been better with a link.
Elves on Immortal Monday via @DebraKristi
Open source permaculture. COOL!!
Following @louisebehiel in her series on children from troubled familes. 3 more characteristics And I see myself again.
What if you only did what was easy?

What The Voice can teach us about critiquing. via @AngelaRWallace

Don’t write fluff. How to write content people read.
twitter conversations with Zoe Winters
Free blogging lessons from the pros. (Tip 1: read blogs with a critical eye).
Indecisive? Some tips for clearing your head and making a decision.
Prosperity is not all about money. (but there is that too).
RT @jhansenwrites: Thank You, #IRS, for Coming After Me ~ Fantastic story about #taxes (Yes, really.) via@PiperBayard
I know we all need more blogging tips. Digitial writers guide to blogging. Free on Amazon. #Wana1011#myWana #Row80 (this may have ended, I don’t know)

How to visualize for better results.

The courage to try something new from @ColeenPatrick

Take responsiblity.

Say something new darn it!

Read faster and understand more. Blogger on a quest to read 1000 books in a year. I’m pretty fast but not that fast.

I am not perfect via @alicamj

Things @RhianBowley has done since realizing she could finish her novel in a week. need to be accountable for a goal? Want to join me in goal setting? I don’t anything set yet, I am too tired to think.

A penny for your thoughts?

Creativity and Tyler Durden (Fight Club). Great post via@barrycrowther

How to Frost Cupcakes like a Pro. I really just want someone to do this for me.

An ode to Fringe’s wardrobe department via @RhianBowley

Author branding tool: the Icon.

Enhanced by ZemantaYour financial health is dependent on you.
Fancy striped icecubes. So neat.
Jeans have conquered the world.
A to-do suggestion for your blog this weekend. Set safe, secure user roles.
What’s next for NASA? via @LynetteMBurrows
More than being smart or lucky.
What is twitter anyway? Another answer.
I had several funny Twitter statuses from this week I planned to post through the links, but they wouldn’t embed. I’ve done it before with the same method, but they refused to work. If anyone has tips for me or a link with how to, please leave me a comment. I’m beyond frustrated with that.
If you don’t follow me you can find me on twitter at
I also have a very nice girl’s night with 3 of my high school friends, some of whom I haven’t seen in nearly 10 years. So that was fun, but my husband was annoyed because my son won’t go to sleep without his “nums” (nursing) and is pressing me to wean. I think I will agree to break the nurse to sleep association, but not wean all together.
Hope everyone had a good week. Thanks for all the comments, RTs and conversations.


  1. you are very very bad. I’m supposed to be writing and instead I’m following links that you posted. shame on you for keeping me from work. LOL

  2. Thanks for sharing my post! I love mashups–because there is always something I’ve missed 🙂

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