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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Interspiration #332012


How is it March already? Sometime in April my baby turns 2!! 2!! Well  you didn’t come to hear me whine. 

Here is the best the internet could inspire me with this week, my interspiration.

Turn your platform into art.

25 pieces of advice on making ideas happen.

S&M Barbies

Like the new TV show Smash? I didn’t get to watch but it looks so good!!

Waiting for answers. When you ask for a question and your mind has nothing in the answer spot. I call it blank space. Hilarious post. Non-erotic erotica. Don’t read if you have sleeping babies. Or are drinking.

The urge to create takes many forms. 5 steps to becoming a photographer. (steps apply for any artistic endeavor however).

Pinterest problem?

why being the family hero hurts (in children who adapt to unhealthy upbringings)

For anyone following my issues with plotting. this might help me.


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