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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Interspiration #3


A collection of everything that turned me on, got me off, or I just found interesting this week.


That feel when you stumble on part 9 of a story that’s really hot. I have 8 other parts I get to read!!! Written in Stone

A promise of more.  yes please, i want more.

Reading sex blogs #onehandread via @RebelsNotes

I didn’t share much fiction this week. Partly because I had a bad mental week. Sometimes sex triggers my CSA survivor issues and I can’t read anything. Writing smut gives me control.

Jessi live for pleasure, Jake sought to punish her for it. 

Chloe surrenders to Taylor for a sensual finale 

“Did this mean he’d have to choose his girlfriends by their spankability from now on?”
haha. yes.


Non Fiction

What I learned by tracking my orgasms. This might be more detailed than I could manage.

5 kinks @Girly_Juice is trying in 2018.  What is on your list?

I have many similar feelings about anal as @Mollysdailykiss the dirty, the sensations. I only want it when my hormones and the stars align in the right way, but I come so fucking hard.

Spanking tips for beginners

Heard of sub frenzy? What it is and how it causes problems in the BDSM scene.

Slow burn. “There is no sex hotter than the sex you almost had.

Porn and sex toy pairings from @bust_magazine

How the wealthy sex party.  When is this gonna make it’s way into billionaire romances?

Making the ordinary extraordinary 

Are you the star of your own fantasies? No. I’m not but I’m a writer so that’s expected.  via @girlonthenet

Everything you wanted to know about boners in porn. Okay not everything but some interesting stuff.

January is almost half over but never too late to set goals. How about setting sex goals? 

Sexual fantasies. What should they be? Uh fantasies.  also don’t control or get jealous about what your partners uses for fodder.

Morning orgasms are absolutely the best. Sex wakes me up.

Is anal sex a kink?  via @rebelsnotes


This is a gorgeous pic 

Flawless. I agree this pic is flawless @HannahLockhardt 

Girl love <3 lovely pictures

Golden very lovely photo.


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