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Samantha Warren hosts Lynette M. Burrows with a fantabulous post about creating your own future.

I love everything Single Dad Laughing writes. He recently wrote this great post Whose Life is Anyway which ties into the above. There must be something in the air. Anyway, he is now doing a 10 day discussion on Happiness. Here’s Day 2. Does Happiness Come fromWithin? I’m sure I’ll post more this week.  If you have time, read the entire blog. Well no one has time for that.

Erotic capital, Demi Moore`s breakdown and the limits of beauty. And Cleopatra`s badassness. As stated in my comments, I believe Demi Moore is depressed. Not being able to love onesself is the a true state of depression. I’ve been there.

Combining 2 pictures into one with Gimp. Sweet. I needed this as I’m going into book cover making again. I’ve finally decided what to do.

The ultimate cure for writer`s block

Basically: WRITE what you want to write.

Even shorter version: WRITE.

Yeah for childwearing. This is a really sweet story.

How an average person becomes famous. 2 simple steps (not easy, just simple).

This post was a sign from the universe to #wordmonger. Fine, I can take the hint.

Don’t just manage time, manage your energy.

Enhanced by ZemantaA helpful post for a random blog reader. I imagine some more poor lost husband.
Areyou afraid of success? How about failure?
i love this movie. And this review. Strong heroines rock!
Is Elmo really trustworthy?
How one blogger started off blogging. Similar to my own story.
Busy writer’s guide to time management
What does it take to change?

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  1. Ah, Asrai, you wily maven of mischief you! Great mash up and thanks for including me. Sheesh, now I’ve got some more reading to do, these are awesome.

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