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Jayrod Garret accepts his versatile blogger award.

Marcy Kennedy and Lisa Hall-Wilson got a chance to interview James Scott Bell. HOW COOL IS THAT? Ahem, fangirl over here.

How do you want to feel about life?

Banned from the Babyshower tells us about her `No Poo`experience. I haven`t used shampoo in years. For a while I went to water only, but the build up got to be too much.

Immortal Monday  with the movie Immortals.

Parents are rock stars.

9 self-defeating beliefs.

Someone has a crush. The image: me too. Tho I’m a serial crusher. I can never commit to one fantasy.

Are we ever going to achieve success

How to be a prolific writer

What one author learned from Triberr and why she left.

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  1. Great links, Asrai! I’ve got three queued up!

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