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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Interspiration 2018 #2


A collection of links I found inspiring, arousing, or interesting. #soss on Twitter for more great sexy links.

All links are NSFW unless otherwise stated. I tweeted a lot more but I forgot to put them in the blog post as I scheduled them so I hope the links work, my eyes are burning and I’m hoping to masturbate before I sleep.

First My new book It’s Complicated is out. It’s full of sex, drugs and kinky fuckery. And a little rock and roll. 4


The husband and wife.


The Mistresses Mistress via

A little alone time is good for everyone ;) via

Temperature play. *shiver* via

I need someone to warm me up like this. Pretty much daily would be okay. 🙂 I live in Canada. via


What it’s like being a nude art model. nice pics here too!

How to fall in love slowly.

The best sex toys of 2017

This is safe for all ages and a really cute story and i want to play D&D with someone.



This is perpetually stuck in my head so #you’re welcome.


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