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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

I love a man in a suit


I love a man in a suit. The one in front of me particularly strikes my fancy. Glasses, pale blue tie done as tight as he could manage. Self-bondage and very controlled.

I fantasize about these men coming undone. About how I would make them come undone.

I’d start by undoing myself. Letting my hair loose from its bun and wiping off my makeup. Then we’d start with a glass of wine or cocktail that’s red or pink, “Like my lips” I would whisper as I straddle his lap face to face. My skirt pulled up around my hips if anyone was behind me they’d get a good view of my red thong.

My fingers sift through his hair as he tries to look unaffected. Down his neck and shoulders, his chest, my hips rocking. His eyes turn a little glassy, a little glazed.

He doesn’t stop me as I pull his tie loose, undoing his self-imposed binds. I lean forward and lick the shell of his ear. “You look so tense, Mr. Big.” My lips move down his neck, my hips still rocking and grinding. He’s moving with me, his arms move around me, hands press into my back to keep me close or make sure I don’t fall off the ride.

Our mouths come together, but I don’t let him kiss me. I wait until our breath patterns coordinate, then I open my lips and grab his lower lip between my teeth.

We kiss. Our lips latch, and our tongues tangle, tease, tantalize.

I push the jacket off his shoulders. And he obliges my demand by shrugging it away. My fingers take advantage of his distraction to unbutton his shirt and expose his skin to the air and my attention.

He jumps a little when my fingers run along the muscles of his chest and abdomen. The kiss breaks and he pulls me close so he can bite my neck. “You’re a bad girl, Miss,” he growls into my ear. The type of growl a man losing control takes on. I smile and arch my back, shoving my breasts toward him, my nipples clearly visible under my dress.

“You have no idea, Sir. Would you let me try something?”

I grab his tie from the floor and bind his hands behind him a little. I swear guys with ties are into bondage, either me or him. Why else wear them? He has to sit up straight now.

“We shouldn’t here,” he whispers.

I know we shouldn’t but we are.” My hand fondles his erection through his pants. He arches his hips up trying to get more. I unfasten his belt and pants. I stand over him and pull his dick out of his pants. He gasps. I drop to my knees and lick my lips, stroking my hand down his shaft. I wet his shaft with my mouth then take him deep in my mouth.

My eyes look up at him as his dick disappears between my lips. His shoulders strain against his ties. Part of me wishes he was loose so he could grab my hair and fuck my mouth, and part of me loves having him at my mercy. I can tell by the look in his eyes no one has taken him as deep as I am.

I pull off and stroke him with a hand. “You can come in my mouth.”  I shove his dick back in me, gagging as I go.

He doesn’t last long. Cause I’m that fucking amazing. He comes inside my mouth and I swallow it down, gulping, gagging still. Until I let him loose. I sit back, and smooth my hair. Once I get to my feet, I fix my dress, and look him over. He’s completely undone and I look like nothing happened. I let his arms loose and he fixes himself, except his tie I am still holding.

“Can I have my tie back?”

“Oh, I’m keeping this as a memory.” I put it in my desk drawer with all my other ties. I’d have a group of them.

My phone rings and I answer. “Sarah,” my boss says, pulling out of my fantasy. I press my legs together behind the desk. My pussy is sopping. “Can you please send Mr. Taylor into the office?”

“Yes of course.” I stand up and my panties squish between my legs as I walk. Mr. Taylor smiles at me as I approach. Did he notice me eye fucking him? My fingers itch to grab his tie and pull him into the supply room.

“Mr. Taylor? Mr. Jonas will see you now. Right this way.” Squish squish squish as he follows me. I give my hips a little more sway and throw a smile over my shoulder.

It’s way past Monday, but here we are anyway. 😉 Hope you a great Friday night.


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  1. What a fantastically over active imagination.

  2. ““You can come in my mouth.””
    The words every man wants to hear out loud at least once in his life.

  3. Ooo lovely and oh so naughty 😍

  4. I love that growl they make when they lose control…I also want to work in an office again so I can eye fuck an attractive man in a suit, too. 🙂

  5. I love how her fantasy breaks their control. I would bet dollars to donuts she could do it to.

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  7. That is one hot fantasy

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  15. Mmm I do love a man in a suit. I love how you described the tight tie as self bondage!
    Aurora x

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