Asrai Devin

Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath



She crawled across the floor. She stopped at his feet She didn’t raise her head. His hand in her hair guided her up. His fingers on her lips parted them. And his cock slipped in.

She didn’t need to move. He pumped his hips against her. She accepted him. His appreciative moans made her wet.

His dick fell from her lips. A string of saliva stretched between them.

He crooked his finger at her. She followed to the bed. He laid back and pulled her down. She pressed her lips to his. Their tongues parried for a taste of the other until he grunted.

She raised up on her knees and licked her lips as she looked down at him. He stacked his hands behind his head. His golden skin glistened. Sweat caught in the valleys of his muscled chest and abdomen. She traced the ring of fire tattoo around his upper arm. His hair stuck straight up from when he ran his fingers through it.



She impaled herself on his cock. He sat up. His arms wrapped around her. Her legs wrapped around his waist. They moved together. Until they came in perfect harmony.

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