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Help me out: sharing with family



When I got my cover for Second Chance Romance I was so freaking excited that I shared it on my personal non-author Facebook profile. Everyone was excited about it. When I saw my aunts this summer they questioned me about this whole self-publishing business: hiring editors and cover artists, and how they could read my book.

That’s all well and fine.

Someone told my grandmother, 82 years old, about my book. She calls me up the day before the 10th anniversary of my 21st birthday. (Had to sneak that in) and congratulates me. And then she asks where she can get my book. Since she can barely operate a digital clock, she doesn’t own a computer. And I plan to do a createspace version but I haven’t yet. I told her I’d bring her a copy when I got one done up, but it would be a while.

A while later I texted my mom and told her about this incident.

Me: So Grandma called and she wants a copy of my book.

Mother Dearest: Oh Shit. What did you tell her?

Me: that I’d get her a copy when I did print, but it would be a while.

[long break while I mention this incident to someone else, who says my Grandma will be proud of me]

Me: Grandma does know I’m a grown woman now.

Mom: you’re right there.

Aside to readers: she has 10 kids, she has had sex. She reads quite a bit. I think she can handle the grown up parts. Not sure about the anal sex and vibrators, but you never know. It’s not strictly smut, it’s a romance with explicit sex.

So, should I share Second Chance Romance with Grandma?

Would you share a novel with explicit sex with your Grandmother?


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  1. This post has me laughing so hard! Heck yes, I’d share it with my grandma. I’m hoping my 94 year-old grandmother will get the chance to read my book soon. And yes, I have smut in my books. I <3 smut. 😉

    Your grandma will love you no matter what you publish.

    • LOL Tameri. That’s been the general thought in my head. Still weird. Doubly so since she lives in a small town I grew up in and starts sharing with all the other old ladies.

  2. I would explain to her before hand but yes, I would share it with her.

  3. definitely. My grandmother would have loved it.

    • Thanks. I think I decided to order a copy from Lulu just for her so I can get it quickly instead of trying to work with Createspace.

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