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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

grr argh


I am finally through the backlog of 1000+ blog posts in my RSS feed, everything I missed while I was away. Which admittedly wasn’t a lot, I could have skipped 90% of it, I commented on several and I have about 10 that I need to look at in detail and a half dozen or so of funny or charming videos I want to share with people eventually.

Anyway, I am subscribed to my own blog, yeah it’s like that!, and I came across Monday’s post.

Half the post disappeared.

I found the semi-focus of my life. SEX!! And relationships. Look, I love sex. I have struggled with sex. I still struggle at times. But it’s the recurring theme, the thing that draws my interests together. Romance, spirituality (yes sex can be spiritual), writing, video games, reading, marketing, life. It is what I intend to shift the focus to on this blog. I think I need a new log line which makes me sad. I love being the Maven of Mischief, but it’s not really who I am here, not what I’m writing about.

I also mentioned my erotica “smut” blog, and the BDSM stories I used to write and how I planned to resurrect Slave. Not to be confused with Chantal, because I confused them. (Links are NSFW, text based sexual shorts or flash fiction). And maybe some other erotic romance themed shorts. After I finish writing out an idea I’ve had for years.

So anyway, there it is.

How are you? Are you ready for the end of summer?

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