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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Good Sisters Share


Ava Greenwood is worried about her sister’s marriage, there are more fighting noises and less happy noises coming down the hall. Finding her once again rejected brother-in-law heading to watch porn in the basement, she offers to alleviate the tension. He refuses, but Ava is convinced this is the answer to all everyone’s problems, including her own frustration with finding a decent partner.

Justin loves his wife and children. He knows Cassie is exhausted from taking care of their four children all day, but he wants his wife. His sister-in-law has offered to relieve his tension, but that’s a terrible idea. Right? But the more often Cassie is too tired, the more he finds Ava’s offer of no-strings attached sex appealing.

To give Cassie a break he sends her and the kids to her mom’s for a week vacation. Leaving him and Ava alone. What can go wrong?


From Asrai: I started this story 7 years ago. It was a fantasy I had and used for personal use and it seemed like it could be a good written story. But the first six tries were terrible. Finally last year, I wrote the story in a way that I felt was hot and a good story.

This book has a lot of sex. It’s not really a romance. It’s short coming in just under 40, 000 words. It was a lot of fun to write. By the end of I was in love with the characters.

She couldn’t stop herself from pressing her hand hard against her pussy and rocked her hips. She wouldn’t get off down here like this; there wouldn’t be enough time. She had to look like she was playing a game if he saw her.

She wanted to wrap her hand around him and jerk him off. Or, even better, suck him dry. She was superb at sucking cock. She started early and took every opportunity to refine her craft. A few times she mistook sex for love, but she learned quickly not to mix up the two.

When he came, she held the side of her chair to keep from going to him. She wanted to lick it up. She hadn’t had sexual contact the entire school year and she deserved make-up time.

And then she ruined it all by moving and the chair squeaked. Shit.

Justin’s head turned to her. She had obviously watched him while touching herself. He shoved his cock back into his boxers and she turned back to her computer screen.


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