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Goalies and hotness


So a friend introduced me to Henrik Lundqvist, who is a goalie for the New York Rangers as of this writing.

What is up with goalies being hot? And also Swedes? Well Scandinavians in general. I’ve been friends

Deutsch: Eishockeytorhüter Miikka Kiprusoff vo...

Deutsch: Eishockeytorhüter Miikka Kiprusoff von den Calgary Flames (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

with many online. Most Swedes, but a few others.

Exhibit A. Finnish Goalie Miikka Kiprusoff who plays for my much beloved Flames.

Exhibit B Goalie for the Wild Niklas Backstrom Again from Finland. Not the best picture but I swear some of these guys are camera shy.

I couldn’t  find a picture of Antti Niemi other than his official NHL shot, which generally aren`t the most flattering. I think it’s partly because I prefer my goalies all full of sweat and wearing all their equipment and  preferably doing the splits, ’cause that always amazes me.

And one last man I have to mention who is NOT a hockey player, but hails from Sweden. Alexander Skarsgård

I used to be a big fan of True Blood, before it went all weird with Lilith  And we watched Battleship not too long ago, which was so corny and BAD, but that enjoyable guilty pleasure bad.

Now this post has made me a bit sad, missing all my old friends from my days on IRC. I was pretty late to the IRC game, but still had a ton of good times. But had to grow up someday.

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