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Friday Fun? Disney Princesses After the Ever After


The last few days we bought a stove and then we bought a car. I filed taxes (finally). Watched Battleship and skimmed through Addiction by Charlotte Featherstone.

but what I’ve really been doing is reining in Adam Johnson. He really cannot be alone with Mackenna without trying to get her into bed. I know he’s supposed to be a womanizer, but I AM THE AUTHOR. This is when the downfalls of being a pantser, a writer who doesn’t plot out a novel, just goes by the seat of her pants while writing. I have no idea when the best time for these two to jump into bed is, my gut says “NOT YET”. But I think i just worked out the biggest problem. YES.

Anyway, I had to share this. This guy has written a parody song of what happens to the Disney Princesses AFTER thier happily ever after (with a modern twist).


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