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Free books at Smashwords


Smashwords book sale

Smashwords is having their first annual End of the Year Sale until January 1.

So I jumped on that. Most of my books are free, click on the links to take you to more information on my site, including links to Smashwords. If you want the full list go to my smashwords page.

Second Chance Romance Up in Flames Book 1

Summer Fling Up in Flames Book 2

Complications over Coffee Up in Flames Book 3

Where the Path Leads Up in Flames Book 4

Love Can’t Wait Up in Flames Book 5

When Love Knocks Up in Flames Book 6

Love by Design Up in Flames Book 7

Unexpected Romance Up in Flames Book 8

Can’t Run From Love Up in Flames Book 9

Love Worth the Wait Up in Flames Book 11

Where She Belongs

Don’t Count Out Love

50% off

Good Sisters Share

Unsuited Up in Flames Book 10


You can find the whole list at my Smashwords page


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