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For all my hockey readers


I said when the NHL lock out ended that my inspiration for writing hockey romance would return. I was so right! I was laying in bed this morning and the main part of a novel came floating through my head. My creativity responded with a question of how we could take this idea and apply it to hockey.


Adam Johnson, the cheating bastard ex-husband of Amy Black from Love Can’t Wait, will have a chance at redemption in my next “hockey” novel.

It is a good thing, because I’m realizing that this novel,with it’s loveable characters and solid plot line, still isn’t going to work as a modern novel. Seriously, is there a reason why, in Canada, two rich famlies would arrange marraige for their children? NO. It needs to be a historical and I loathe research. But even as I type it, an idea is forming in my head.

Anyway, Adam is coming up as well as some more shorts about Corey and Nic, Kyle and Serena, and everyone else.


  1. I have loved a the stories so far……so happy writing!

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