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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

First World Problems


Hey how many times does it happen. “How are you?” And then we complain about things, which are minor inconveniences in our lives, but we make them into life-ending catastrophes. First world problems.

We live in an age where owning too much stuff is becoming a real safety issue for many people.

My favorite response to “how are you” was an internet friend who said “can’t complain, but still do.”

Just make sure once in a while to have some perspective in life. One of the best prescriptions for lasting happiness is regular practicing gratitude. I am frequently grateful that my husband is laying on the sofa while I clean up the house around him. He could be at the bar or not in my life at all.

What do you complain about that is a first world problem? How can you change that into something to be grateful for?

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  1. I complain about growing old. I began to feel old about thirty years ago, just about the time I began growing. The turnaround is obvious to most: Yo, Antknee! You’re alive!

  2. I complain about my day job, when I know I should be grateful to have one at all. Plus, the paycheck pays my mortgage. And I complain about having to go to the gym when I’m lucky that my life is easy enough that I do have time, and that I live in a place with so many affordable gyms. I have a friend who reminds me of this all the time and I used to live in South America, so I know how lucky I am. I used to be so happy and grateful for evey cup of coffee, let alone a fancy latte. And forget about Starbucks! I’d have to go all the way to Chile for that! Thanks for the reminder to get back to that grateful place. I am very lucky!

  3. I complain about not having enough time to write when I should just feel blessed I have 3 healthy girls needing my attention and a husband who likes to have my attention too:) Thanks for the reminder!

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