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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Feelings Pass


This comes from Michael Neil who is my favorite “guru”.

Feelings are temporary. Thoughts are fleeting.

They often pass within minutes.

When we are panicked or trapped inside a thought or feeling we think it is going to last forever.

Next time you notice yourself stuck in a thought or feeling you don’t want, step outside yourself for a minute and look at that feeling or thought.

“Oh god, I screwed up that presentation for my boss. He’s going to fire me for sure. I am the stupidest person in the universe.”

Turn it over in your mind. Label it.

“Oh look. I’m feeling scared. And embarrassed.”

Love the feeling. Open your heart for it.

It will float away. Eventually. You probably won’t get fired. Your boss might ream you out, and you can practice the whole thing again.

You’ll go home and your son will come up and say “Mom, I got an A on my test we studied really hard for last week.”

And you will feel joy. The hard work you both put in paid off. Hooray.

Then you realize your feet hurt, you’re exhausted and you have to make supper in the next fifteen minutes or you will be late for evening activities that are planned.

All feelings pass. Even joy. Especially joy sometimes.

Which is good to know, because after all the anxiety of loans and house inspections we are moving in the next week and I have so much to do before then.

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