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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Epic dream time: tobacco smugglers, airports and sweat


I don’t even know how to title this. I had the epic dream of all dreams.

My husband, mother and I were all exchange students. It was like playing parts in a movie. I can’t explain, why it made sense. Anyway, I was the only one who had done it before and I was panicking about getting to the airport early enough. My mom and her friend, unknown girl, convince me I only need to be there ten minutes in advance.

They leave for the airport because their flights leave first. Hubby and I leave, even though his flight leaves first. I want some extra time.

At the airport, I go to check in at the flight desk. They tell me to hand my passport to the other guy. Who is under the desk in this little hole that he crawls through to access both sides. Except they don’t tell me this is code for give the guy the tobacco he’s going to smuggle, because they have mistaken me for someone else. And the dude tries to steal my passport. So I give him my cigarettes and my broken cell phone. (I don’t smoke in real life).

They finish checking me in and I realize I have no ticket. The girl behind the counter says “We don’t give tickets anymore. You put your hand on the touch screen and we track you by sweat.”

Yeah, even in the dream it didn’t make sense and I decided she meant they track by handprints or fingerprints.

The next thing I need to do is check in with security. I wander to the other end of the airport and I can’t find the damn place. I find my hubby before I figure anything out and I’m freaking out, because he’s supposed to be on his flight. He’s calmly waiting for them to call his name. He hasn’t checked in yet, they aren’t going to call his name! I get him checked in, his flight hasn’t left. I get directions for security from her.

We check in at security and are heading for our gates, when we come across my mother. It’s like over an hour after her flight is supposed to leave, so I’m pretty sure she’s screwed on this.

I’m trying to find where my flight leaves from, but all I can find is arrivals.

Then someone made a loud noise outside and woke me up. I realized when I was telling the story, that I have been in this airport before in another dream. I was flying in from somewhere to the airport. I have no idea if this all means anything. But it was freaking hysterical to tell people.

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