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Don’t Count Out Love


Don't Count Out LoveNell Langley needs a job so bad she’ll take one from the big, bad wolf. Josh Sharpe doesn’t look like a wolf, but she’s dealt a predator before. And she is not sleeping with anyone she works for ever again. EVER AGAIN.

Josh doesn’t accept no easily. Not when he knows the woman saying it doesn’t mean it. Not when she submits so easily to his commands. Not when she’s the only one he can trust in the office.






Ms. Langley, I was hoping to get to know you better and be friends. Nothing more. We will be working closely together. Is that respectful enough? Mr. Sharpe

I love the scent you use. I’d guess peach.”

She nodded. “Yes sir.”

I like when you say yes Nell.”

I don’t. Do you talk like this to everyone?” She tried pulling away, but he wasn’t easily shrugged off.

I’ve never crossed the line at work like this before. You like it. You are asking for me.”

What did I ask for?”

Your outfits scream sex. First, you always have one element of red on. Your neckline is just high enough to be office ready and your skirt is low enough. A half inch more either way and you would be better suited for a strip club.”

That’s crossing the line.” She tugged her hand once more and he let go.

And you’re enjoying the attention. Your face is flushed, your breathing is shallow. Your nipples are straining against your bra. You’ll never be a poker player, Nell. I can see everything you feel on your face.”

Her body shuddered and she couldn’t deny it. She swallowed the enormous amount of saliva that collected in her mouth.

It’s a shame you won’t revise your policy on getting involved in the office.”

It’s not a good idea.”

I think it’s a marvelous idea. There would be far less tension around the office.” He traced a finger along her neckline and she couldn’t push him away.

Asrai’s note:

I came up with this idea about eight years ago. There’s a scene where he claims her, you’ll know when you read it. I wrote that scene on my Smut and the Dirty Girl blog eight years ago. And I tried for years to make it into a longer story, but it took several false starts to find Nell and Josh. I’m very happy with the story that came out and I agonized over every detail.

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