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Diva Cup



Well, warning to anyone who doesn’t want to read about the dirty details of my menstrual cycle, here are some other things you might be interested in.

Somewhat funny, mostly truthful review of FSOG.

I was looking for visual inspiration for my hero (who is a red head) and I fell in love just a little with this picture. (Eddie Redmayne)

And I’m also in love with Damian Lewis who played Major/LT Winters in Band of Brothers.

He is exactly my Gabriel in my book. And I’ve been totally distracted for what I was going to write about.

So, I’ve wanted a Diva Cup for like forever. I needed to order some supplements, which I do mostly from and I wanted to buy more than just one thing, so I was shopping around and decided, what the hell, I added the Diva Cup.

It’s intimidating when I first got it and the first several times of inserting it, especially getting the twist done properly so it opens.

Best period I”ve ever had. I’ve been a mostly pad girl for ages. I use cloth ones and the occasional sea sponge. But I’ve never really been happy with any method, it always felt unclean and squidy. And I’m really lazy. The Diva Cup can be worn for up to 12 hours, two to four washings a day and we are good to go.

so, there you go. That is your dose of too much information from Asrai this week.


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