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Dislike: early snow


I know when I was a kid (oh man, I’m old if I’m starting stories with this line), we had snow before Halloween frequently. Maybe not, it seemed like it was  normal happenstance. Of course, my memory may be faulty.

Anyway, this year I feel like we got screwed out of fall. I got about two days to rake leaves because it was either raining, or windy enough to carry Sunshine Boy away.

And then it happened…

it snowed.

It didn’t just snow. It snowed like 8 inches.

We went sledding on October 24th. And 25th. and 26th.

The highways were virtually untravellable for about three days after the snow started on Monday.

I know poor, poor pitiful me.

Anyway there are 30 bags of leaves under the snow in our yard. there won’t be as many next year because the power company is going to cut down one of our trees. (We have 6 giant trees and 4 smaller ones in our yard. Our yard is tiny).

So someone tell me they are having a lovely fall with lots of leaves and warmish air to enjoy them in. Here it’s white. Like rice.

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