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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath



This isn’t my first sexy quickie with Brad and Kylie. If you want to see their evolution you can check out these stories

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Kylie grabbed her water bottle to hide her shock. “Sorry, you said Brad Nash is coming for dinner?”

“Yes,” her mom said.

“Tonight?” Why hadn’t he told her? She emptied her water bottle, wanting to send him a text right now.

“That’s what I said. Was he mean to you when you babysat or something? I thought you loved his girls.”

“I did. It’s fine, my mind was somewhere else.”

Kylie leaned back on the sofa. She picked up her phone and sent a fast text to Brad. “Dinner?”

She got a smile emoji in reply. “You will have to be a good girl tonight.”

“I’m always good.”

“You’re always a brat. I want you to call me sir tonight. Not enough that your parents notice. And put on a nice skirt and no panties.”

Her pussy flooded at the thought. “You’re a bad influence.”

“Are you wet?”

She bit her bottom lip. “Yes.” Fucker. He knew how to turn her on without even being in the room.

“Good girl. Are you alone?”

“Sort of. I’m watching TV downstairs.”

“Go to your room.”

“Have I been a bad girl?”

“That remains to be seen. Are you in your room?”

“I’m going to do homework in my room,” Kylie called to her mom. She tried not to run to her room. She locked the door behind her and flopped onto her bed before replying to Brad, “In my room.”

“Put on some music.” Her video chat notification went off. She answered, but hissed. “I didn’t have time to put music on.”

“The threat of getting caught makes it hotter.”

“You should fuck me while you’re here then.”

“I wish. Later tonight. If I can get out of here early enough. You said you were going out right?” She turned her music on her computer speakers and her headphones in for the chat with Brad.

“Yeah,  I’m staying at Lindsey’s. As far as anyone knows.”

“Except me and Lindsey. I owe her a meal.”

“We do. You’d like her.”

“Would she be into a threesome?”

“I don’t think she’s bisexual. I can ask.”

“I’d like to see someone lick your cunt. Or fuck you from behind while you eat another woman out.”

“You’d like that.”

“Yes. Would you share?”

“Sure. I’m a good girl. I can share.”

“You’d share? You’d let someone suck my cock?”

“While I lick your balls. No she can do your balls, I get the cock.”

“You get what I tell you.”

“Sorry, Sir.”

“That’s better. Are you rubbing your cunt?”

“No. Should I be?”

“Show me how wet you are.”

She wiggled off her pants and panties. She closed her eyes and put the phone between her legs.

“Use your fingers and open your lips. I want to see your clit.”

She spread her lips for him. Pleasure shot up her spine. “Can you fuck yourself while you hold the phone there so I can watch?”

She flicked her finger over her clit. “That’s my good little slut. I bet you taste amazing. Finger your cunt and then lick it off.”

She followed his directions, with a quiet moan. “Tell me how good it is.”

“Amazing, great. I wish I could taste it on your lips.”

“On the face of the other girl we are fucking. I’d like to lick your taste from her mouth. It would be super hot if I came inside you and then she ate you. She would taste like both of us at once.”

“That sounds hot.”

“So she’s sitting on your face, while you lick her cunt. You aren’t allowed to come until you make her come. And I am fucking my pussy.”

“I suck on her clit. Flicking my tongue fast against her.”

“Touch yourself,” he urged. She fingered her clit, slowly, wanting this to last. “Good girl. She’s got great tits. Almost as beautiful as yours. I’d love to come all over them.”

“I bet we each sucked one before we got to the fucking. I could lick your come off if you do that.”

“Did I turn you into a cum slut?”

“Yes, sir.” She moved her finger faster on her clit.

“That’s so hot. Don’t come until I tell you.”

“Please, Sir.”

“Not yet, my cum slut. Take your hands off yourself.”


She dropped her hands, the orgasm so close she could taste herself. She lapped at her fingers.

“I’m going to shower and get ready to come over. I’ll be there in about forty minutes. YOu should wash up, I’d hate for anyone to smell your arousal, but you may not come.”

“Fuck.” She hadn’t meant to say it out loud.

“I’ll punish you for that later. No whining, sweetheart.”

“Sorry sir.”

“I wish I could smell you. See you soon.” He ended the call and she laid back on her bed. She set her books out on the bed so it looked like she was working. She went to the bathroom and wiped between her legs as gently as she could. She returned to her room and pulled a knee length skirt on. Then she used the time to study.

In a different world, she could run downstairs and kiss him in greeting. Maybe in the future. When they felt they were ready to share their relationship. She heard his voice and it made her wet again.

She went down the stairs. Brad was sitting in her living room, a beer in hand, talking to Dwight. He was in jeans and a button down shirt. He hadn’t shaved today and that was another drip of desire.

“Hello Ky,” Dwayne said. “Done studying?”

“Yes. I thought I’d better see if Mom needed help with supper. Hello, Mr. Nash.”

He took a swig from his beer, but she saw his smile. Their first night she called him Mr. Nash despite his protests. She wondered if he would punish her for it.

“You’re in your fourth year of university?” Brad asked.

“Yes, Sir.”

“She’s top of her class.” Dwayne gave her a smile.

“You always were a good girl.”

“Thank you Sir. I better go check on Mom.”

She went into the kitchen. “Need any help.”

“Throw the salad together. You look dressed up.”

“I took a break from studying to try on outfits for going out tonight.”

“I thought you were going over to Lindsey’s?”

“We might go out. We haven’t decided. Maybe I was dressing up for Mr. Nash.”

“He is a good looking man.”

“We all had a crush on him when we were teenagers. We’d giggle about him at school. Did you ever date someone older than you?”

“Not that much age differences. Too much for me. You want to be a stepmom before you are thirty? No thanks.”

“That’s true.” Still, here she was, in love with someone with teenagers. If she and Brad decided to be a couple that’s what would happen. It was a frightening thought, but she wanted to be with Brad so much she’d deal with it. But after she graduated, the both agreed on that.

“Kylie,” Dwayne called from the living room. “Can you bring us another beer each, please?”

“Okay.” But only because Brad was in there. She set the salad bowl aside. She only needed to add croutons. She grabbed two beer from the fridge and took them to the living room.

“Thank you sweetheart, we’re being lazy. It’s nice to be waited on by a woman, eh Brad?”

“Thank you,” Brad said, as he took the beer. “I enjoy having my demands catered to.”

“You welcome, Sir.” She turned and left before anything more happened.

She finished the salad and they all came to the table. She was the youngest of her siblings, and Dwayne’s kids were at their mom’s for the weekend. So it was only the four of them. She sat next to Brad. Which was good, it was harder to stare at him when he was next to her.

She wished they could find time to be alone. A kiss would be nice. His cologne was making her wet. But it seemed unlikely.

After supper, when the dishes were done, they all four sat and chatted for a few minutes. Then she excused herself so she could get ready to go to Lindsey’s. She went upstairs. A few minutes later there was a knock on her door. She opened the door. Brad rushed in, closed the door behind him and grabbed her around the waist. He kissed her hard and fast. His hands reached down and slid under her skirt. He brushed his knuckles over her bare, sticky cunt. “Just checking. I have been dying to know all evening.”

“What are you doing here?” she hissed.

“Using the bathroom.”

“There’s one on the main floor.”

“Your mom is in that one.” He shrugged. He rubbed her clit. “Did you get off after we talked?”

“I’ve been good, but dying for it.”

“Another hour. Then I can excuse myself.”

“I’m going to leave in about a half hour. I’ll go to Lindsey’s.”

He kissed her again. “I’ll see you in ninety minutes?”

She nodded. “Sure. You want to sync our watches?”

He snorted. “You’re lucky I love you. Or I’d punish you for every little smart remark.”

“I love you too. Can I put on underwear now?”

He kissed her cheek. “Yes. So I can soak them. I better go.”

“I better check the hallway.”

She stuck her head out. “Okay go.”

He crept down the hall to the bathroom. The toilet flushed a moment later, and he washed his hands. She watched him leave. Mr. Nash, her lover. Her love.


I am going to write a full novel of these two, eventually. They have a lot to explore. But first the spanking scene from a couple weeks ago is turning into a full story.

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