Asrai Devin

Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Complications Over Coffee


Nicole received the news seven months ago: men are cheating scum. She is close to signing her divorce papers, or she thought she was. Then her lawyer calls and says her soon to be ex-husband wants to sell the house and take custody of their two children.

Nicole turns to her new friend Mandy Turner for support. Where she inevitably ends up with a crush on the handsome and charismatic Corey Porter.

Corey had lived his life apart from others until he met Mandy Green, who has taken Corey’s one time confession for a family to heart. She would like to see Corey settled and happy as she is with Kip. So she starts on her quest by sending him on a blind date, later speed dating and an attempt at on-line dating.

Corey has his reasons for wanting to stay single. And he has no intention of talking about them. Even to his best friend Mandy. He would do anything for her, so he goes along with her match-making attempts, even though it drives her crazy.

Nicole and Corey meet in the Turner driveway one day, while Corey is running from Mandy and Nicole has just returned from a meeting with her lawyer. Corey invites Nicole to vent to him. When she does, her passion ignites desire in Corey, which leads to a heated kiss. And then an embarrassed parting.

Circumstances throw Nicole and Corey together again and again.

While Nicole struggles to finalize her divorce, find a job, she also fights a growing. Corey struggles with his tight hold on bachelor hood and his temper.

Kip has some struggles of his own while he tries to deal with his wife’s growing belly and the reality that he will have a baby to look after.

Will Nicole and Corey successfully keep their lives untangled? Or will they give in to their desires and let their lives get complicated?

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Goodness, she was so turned on. If he asked her, she would probably have sex in the driveway with him. “Good. You should be. Mandy should just leave you alone.”

“Yeah, well now I’m going speed dating on one of my few nights of relaxation.”

“That sucks. It could turn out for the better eventually. Maybe you will meet someone who changes your mind about relationships.”


“Okay, then. Thank you for asking me to unload on you. Next time I see you, I will be embarrassed by this conversation.”

“Don’t be. Passion in a woman is very sexy.” He moved in closer. His voice lowered a few octaves. She could feel his breath on her face. Even that smelled good.

“Oh. Well, I’ll try to remember that.”

He brushed his lips across hers. Her heart stopped and her stomach started doing flips of joy. She put her hands on his arms to hold herself upright. He didn’t look it, but he had muscle. A lot of it.

He put his hands under her to pull her closer, as his lips parted against hers. She opened and met the tip of his tongue somewhere in the middle. After they danced a short time, he pulled away. She leaned against him. “I’m glad to know that I do remember how to kiss.”

“Yes you do.”

Asrai’s Notes.

After Corey showed up in Second Chance Romance, I knew he needed his own story. It took me 4 tries before I found his perfect woman. I tried to write him with Doug Black’s sister (From Love By Design) several times. I actually got over 10, 000 words down on one story, before I realized what he needed was someone with children. And thus Nicole was created for him. I didn’t actually know why he was afraid of relationships until the reader does. I am not capable of planning ahead, the characters release details to me as they are ready.

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