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Click bait vs going deep


Living in a world of click bait.

Living in a world of click bait.

Everyone wants to create content that goes viral. Or at least everyone wants to get a lot of shares on social media. That leads to a lot of headlines that are clickbait. I don’t know about you but I refuse to click on a headline that contains the words “You won’t believe what happens next.” Nope, not going there. It’s usually not that good. If it was that good, you’d lead with the good stuff and make me want to know more.

It is possible to create content that goes viral or gets a lot of shares without making it clickbait. But it is very hard to that in a short article. Most websites that make money from advertisements work on posting multiple times a day, quick articles you look at for thirty seconds, then share and your friends look at. More eyes, more eyes on the ads, more shares which allows them to tell advertisers they get a billion views every month and their ad can be seen by a billion people.

You can use psychology and statistics to write headlines and content that get a lot of shares. But it’s also important that you follow up. We are sick of click bait, because the promise in the headline doesn’t often translate to good content. (Okay maybe not everyone but if the article says “you won’t believe what happens next” you won’t get me to look at it)

I’m starving for deep content about relationships, and romance that is secular and sex that is about marriage.  Most relationship advice is religious. I don’t have anything against religion, but it doesn’t pertain to my life. And most sex blogs are geared toward people who are single, or dating.

The Gottman Institute does some good work. And I’m going to read their books. The #staymarried blog while not secular, doesn’t talk about religion often. Goodmen Project and YourTango sometimes has good content, but they often fall into clickbait territory. Offbeat Home has good content, but it’s not frequent that it’s specific to relationships. Simple Marriage Blog and #staymarried and the like, are sort of pg-13 blogs. They mention sex, but they don’t often travel into the world of kink. Most sex blogs I’ve followed in the past come off like an advertisement more than information.

What I really want it Sex is Fun back. They probably didn’t get as much into relationships as I’d like. But it was like hanging out with sex-positive friends who were in relationships about their relationship and sex lives. That’s what I want. Except in written format.

My feedly is full of writing advice, and business advice, and to a lesser extent mental health and self-care. Those are easy to find, but I’m lacking in marriage advice that connects with me.

What do they say about creating what you want to read/listen/watch but can’t find? I don’t feel confident enough yet.

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