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Christmas help?

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Okay I need some help. I really don’t want more things for Christmas. So I’m thinking of asking my peeps to give to charity in my name.

Now Plan Canada has specific gifts you can buy. You can buy books for schools, newborn baby care, school supplies all the up to water for an entire village or a primary school. There’s tons of stuff. So I’m leaning toward this strongly. check the website, it’s totally cool. Wish with each gift you could see the family or school or village that received the item that was gifted. But, I know, it costs them money which could go to something else.

The other thing I’m consider is Kiva, or another form of microlending. If you google “problem with microloans” you can find out the downsides to microfunding and if it’s really making a difference.

In terms of making a difference on a large scale, I’m not sure.

What do you think is a better way to give your money away? A targeted donation like Plan Canada, a microloan like Kiva or something entirely different?



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  1. I like Sub-for-Santa and donate to it every year. It helps downtrodden families have the Christmas I usually enjoy. I like the idea of kids who weren’t expecting anything getting a ton of helpful gifts (it’s usually clothes and a toy, plus anything specifics to the family’s needs). We usually get to help wrap the gifts too. That always makes Christmas fantastic for me. 😀

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