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Celebrity break ups…


It couldn’t last forever.

Eddie Redmayne and I broke up.

I didn’t really see it coming. He probably didn’t either, since y’know he doesn’t know I’m alive. Or that I spent two good months madly in love with him. But, my celebrity crushes never last long.

I fell out of love last week. Maybe longer. I was reading Iloveeddieredmayne and the magic was no longer there for me. So I umsubscribed and went about life.

Until today.

There was nothing on television as I flipped through until I stumbled upon the movie The Ugly Truth starring Kathrine Heigl and Gerard Butler. I caught part of  him a week or two ago in “Law Abiding Citizen” which I didn’t get to see all of, but it looked pretty good. And I got him mixed up with James Purefoy in my mind who is the villian in Kevin Bacon’s TV show/miniseries The Following.

Purefoy is pretty creepy in that show, but he’s not as good looking as Mr. Butler. I am looking at Gerard Butler’s IMDB listings and he played the Phantom in 2004. I must find this movie ASAP.

And he’s Scottish.

We’ll see  how long he stays around for. Jason O’Mara from “One for the Money” is looking nice as well.

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