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Caught Part 3: The Reward


Part One: Caught
Part Two: Caught: The Punishment


His hand grip my ass cheeks, pushing and pulling the flesh painfully. I bit my bottom lip to keep from whimpering, my body and mind too drained to respond. “I think that’s enough punishment. Perhaps a reward.”

We’ve never played a scene this long before. He’s never pushed me this far. I take a shaky breath, the firmness returns to my leg muscles.

“You still with me little miss?” His fingers still massage my muscles deep and painful.

“Yes, Sir.” The pain brings me back into my body.

“I’m testing your limits today.”

“Yes, Sir.” That’s a fucking understatement. He tests them every day, but today feel so much further. He makes me want to stretch myself, to test myself, to see how far I can go.

His hand slaps my ass. It hurts, but it doesn’t make me cry out or jerk. It’s a warm up for my muscles. I close my eyes and drift as the blows become harder. My skin heats from the fire under my skin.

He stops suddenly, but the closet door opening tells me he’s grabbing a toy. My skin stings. A flogger, not the mean leather one that is punishment, a softer one. Brad hits me three times. “Check, little miss.”

“Good. It hurts but good. Green.” My safe word, the one that will bring a halt to the activity, is poker. It always brings a smile to my lips to think it. We started fucking after a high stakes poker game.

The slaps of the flogger move up and down my ass, right to left, down my upper thighs a little. I’m already a little buzzed on endorphins from the repeated orgasms, the pain is easy to bear.

The blows quicken, harden making my breath come out in pants. My body twitches as he his me harder; harder than I have ever been hit before. Fuck, fuck. My mouth drops open with a scream, but the blows become soft again.

He pushes my thighs apart with his fist. His fingers slide easily over the sweat and arousal on my skin. His finger brushes over my clit, so fucking light I almost cry. The softness after the harsh blows is unexpected. “I need your help, love,” he whispers, his lips at my ear. “Put your hand between your legs.”

I wiggle my hand down as a vibration presses against my clit. “Hold that right there. Don’t let it slip.” He presses a kiss to my cheek as the vibe slips into my hand.

I press it against my clit, the vibrations reaching the deepest parts of my body. He slaps my ass again with the flogger while the vibrator works its magic.

“I want to see you come once more, Kylie. I’m going to use the cane.”

Is he serious? My body thrashes. He is. He brushes it over my back from my shoulders to my calves then back up.

This horrible weapon always makes me use my safe word. But the orgasm is building and it will reach the point of no return soon. If I don’t feel the pain, I don’t get the pleasure either.

“Okay, Sir,” I manage from my dry throat.

“Your body is ready for the pain. And the pleasure will make it bearable if not pleasant. I want to teach your body that the sting is enjoyable.” He hits me with the cane but it doesn’t hurt. “Get the vibrator on the sensitive part of your clit and don’t forget to breathe.”

I roll it to the side that’s more sensitive. My thighs press together, my hips thrust against it. “Ready.”

“Relax.” The cane comes down against my skin and I jerk. “I want to see the lines on your skin when this is over. Think of how beautiful it will be.”

He hits me again and I whimper. He likes leaving marks on my skin. I think of his enjoyment.

I breathe through three stinging whacks on my backside. But the fourth makes me cry out. He pushes his hand between my legs and guides my hand to push the vibrator more firmly on my clit. “Focus on this. Right here.”

He hits me twice. Then he soothes the pain with his fingers in my cunt, thrusting. Three whips of the cane, then more teasing.

“Your skin looks amazing. You might have to lay across me all weekend. You will definitely be naked all evening so I can see them.”

Three more and he lays the cane beside me. I snarl at it, but I got through the pain this time. He lies beside me, prying the vibrator out of my hands. “Check once more.”

I don’t know what to say. I’m floating right now. “Maybe.”

“Maybe what?” His fingers probe between my legs.

“Maybe I’m a person.

“Did I push you too far?”

“No. I’m in subspace I think.”

“Can I make love to you?”

“Yes. But I can’t move.”

“No need to move, my love.” He kneels between my legs and lays over me. His cock pushes into me and his weight presses against my back. I hiss, as his thighs press against the stripes on my ass.

“It feels good, good pain.”

He settles against me, and thrusts into me. The angle and the depth stimulate something different, deeper in my pussy. I try not to move so I can keep the sensation going.

And deep inside my pussy, my soul, the orgasm ruptures. Desire pours from my body, shaking me everywhere. My mouth is open, deep moans coming from within.

Brad is moaning, his chest rumbling against my back.

I feel him pour into me, filling me with his release. And his weight drops on me, we are depleted from the experience.

He rolls off me and I take a few deep breaths. He’s quivering more than I am. Is he dropping?

Fuck. I am still shaking but I force myself up to grab a blanket from the closet and cover us. I lay against him, finding comfort in his body.

He wraps an arm around me. “I might have pushed myself too far.”

“Should I get you a drink? Or something to eat?”

“Just stay with me. How are you feeling?”

I run my hand over his chest, but my fingers are shaking. “I haven’t come back down yet. Or maybe I went past it faster because you seemed more affected. I was definitely in subspace for a long time. Longer than I’ve ever been.”

“How did it feel?”

“Surreal. The cane hurt, but I can’t explain it. Once I come back down, I think I’ll feel the sting more.”

“I’ll do some skin care later. Would you like a nap?”

“Yes. I told my mom I wasn’t coming home tonight. She knows I have a special friend. She’s demanding to meet you.” I hide my face in his shoulder.

“Whenever you are ready. I know it will be difficult for all of us. But I love you, miss Kylie Beth. We need to face telling your parents, and my kids.”

Stepmom Kylie. I’m only a decade older than his kids. I try to work out in my mind how they will feel. What my parents will say, Brad is one of my stepfather’s closest friends. His poker buddy. They work together. Also I will have to face his ex-wife. I used to babysit for her, but she’s not part of my world, she didn’t remain friends with my mom. She’s remarried, but how will she feel about her former babysitter fucking her husband.

“We won’t know how they’ll react until we tell them. All that matters is we love each other.”

I’m only a couple months away from graduation. Then I’ll have to get a job, think about moving. Think about my actual adult future. With Brad? I don’t know.

He kisses my temple. “Don’t think about it now. We have this weekend together. Let’s nap then I’ll order pizza, and we’ll see how sore your ass is.”

He grins and I know what he has planned for later. If it’s not sore now, it might be later.

“I love you too, Brad.” I don’t say it enough to him.

“Go to sleep little miss.” He pulls me closer and I close my eyes, letting his love envelope me.

What can I say? They begged me to keep going.

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  1. Am loving this series – that sex scene was marvelous 😉

  2. Gotta love a story that ends with pizza!

  3. This was absolutely delicious! And I can relate to hitting subspace and taking pain I can’t normally handle. And also, thank you for that vibe/cane idea!! 😉

    • I’m interested to see how it plays in real life. It actually came from a how-to spanking instruction I saved last year. It was how to maximize endorphins and pain. It’s neat, seven or eight steps to spanking over almost an hour.

  4. I love this. Just… I know exactly how she felt through that. It was more than a squirmy feeling, it was a little emotional for me. I’ll blame fatigue but compliment you on the story. Well written

  5. loved story

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