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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath



I let myself into Brad’s apartment. I scheduled my classes on Friday so I finished early. I spread my books out over his dining room table and studied for a while. But surrounding by his scent, his things, it was difficult to concentrate. Especially on a Friday. Especially when he would be home soon to touch me. Soon, soon, my heart beat.

My phone rang and I pounced on it. Maybe Brad was calling to say he’d be off early. My heart dropped. My mom. I sighed deeply, then swiped to answer.

“I thought you were done early on Friday’s?” her mom said.

“I found a quiet spot to get some extra work done, since I’m going out tonight.” It was true, I was doing those. Only her mom would imagine the library, not my lover’s apartment.

“Are you coming home tonight?” There was a stain of annoyance in my moms voice.

My heart dropped. I hated omitting certain truths. “I don’t think so.”

“You know, you can bring your boyfriend home.”

That was very doubtful. My lover is her friend. A long time friend of the family. I baby-sat his kids when they were preschoolers. He’s been divorced for a few years. We agreed to keep our relationship a secret. Really, I don’t think either of us anticipated it getting this deep, going this long.

I’m in deep. L-O-V-E deep.

“It’s complicated.” I’m committed to not lying. It is far easier to omit details. Lying requires you to remember the story you made up.

“You aren’t dating a married man are you?”

“No.” I almost laugh. She might prefer that.

“As long as you are attending class.”

“I’m still going to class. I only have one semester left, I won’t give up now.”

“Good girl. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Maybe Sunday,” I counter and hang up the phone before she can say anything more.

I got restless. My legs keep rubbing together and my panties get damp. I can’t help but think of all the things we had done together. And the things he might yet do to me.

I checked the lock on the door before I go to this bedroom. I pull out the box of toys and chose my favorite vibrator.

Standing in front of the mirror, I wiggled off my panties, trying to decide if I should take off my skirt or pull it up around my waist.

Naked was better. The green plaid fabric hit the ground. I flung myself onto his bed. I pressed my nose into one pillow and breathed in his scent.

I press the vibrator between my legs, but I need a fantasy. Brad has taken me on sexual adventures I never would have dreamed of, but I don’t want to imagine his dick in me. I want to imagine something softer. Someone softer.

I imagine Brad sitting beside me while this girl, my fantasy girl, kisses me. Down my body, sucking on my nipples. I tease hers in turn, then press my hand between her legs. I find her clit, and rub it, while I lean my head back to look at Brad.

He kisses me while my fantasy girl and I rub each other. His finger pinch my nipples, the way only he can pinch them, making me squirm.

I roll to my belly, my thighs pressing together as I hump my hand. I’m so fucking close I can taste the cum. I arch my back as the door breaks the fantasy. It’s fine, I’ll get off, anyway.

My body is screaming as I come, hearing his voice. I can’t make out the words. His hand comes down on my ass, making my body rock a good aftershock. I pant as I pull my hand away from my body. I can’t find the off switch, before he grabs the vibrator from my hand.

He turns it off. “You’re a bad girl, little miss.”

I roll over to look at him. My face turning pink. “I got bored.”

“What were you fantasizing about?” He drops on the bed beside me, his hand rubbing my inner thigh.

“You and me and another girl.”

“Who was with the other girl? You or me or both of us?”

“Only me so far in my fantasy. I didn’t get very far. Not even to oral.”

“Would you share me or would I watch?”

“I don’t know. I hadn’t thought about it. What would you like?”

“I hadn’t really thought about it. I’d like to watch you with another woman. But I wouldn’t deny having a fantasy or twenty about you and another girl sucking my cock, fucking both of you like I’m a sex God and can make you both come before I get off.”

We laugh. He pulls me onto his lap and gives me a kiss. His clothes scratch my bare skin. I put my hands on his shoulder. “We should get you into something more comfortable.”

“I will me, my little miss. But we have a problem we need to deal with.”

“We do?”

“Mmm, you coming all over my bed without me. That deserves a little punishment. Also by the looks of my kitchen table, you didn’t have a productive afternoon.”

I pout and nod. “Yes, Sir. No Sir, I wasn’t productive.”  I could argue, he’d probably listen politely, then overrule me. But I don’t want to argue, I want him to spank me, then fuck me.

to be continued….

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  1. very nice – cant wait for next week !

  2. Hot story, I’m looking forward to part two.
    Happy Halloween!!

  3. That’s the “trouble” with trying to study in your lovers room – it’s way to hard to concentrate! Indie x

  4. Aaaaaand I want to know more…about them, about her fantasies, all of it! 🙂

  5. I enjoyed your story, especially the conversation with the mom, a lot of truth in that. Loved the little details fleshing out the story, believable and sex well written. Looking forward to the ‘rest of the story’ as Paul Harvey would say. Loved the fact the lover is an old friend of the family, and where that might go.

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