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Canning vs Caning and it’s need to said


Okay, at least once a day someone finds my blog searching “canning in 50 Shades of Grey”. And every time I snort a little drink onto my keyboard.

I only blogged about 50 Shades twice and I haven’t even read the book.

But this needs to be said.

Canning is the process by which you preserve food in jars by boiling the fuck out of them and they the metal lids are vacuumed sealed to the jar. This did not occur at anytime during 50 Shades of Grey. I don’t think Ana and Christian are into food preserves.

Caning which is the act of beating someone with a stick or  cane, usually doing during a S&M scene. I imagine it hurts like hell, but as my husband is not into dealing out pain to me, I don’t know how much it actually hurts.

If you read 50 Shades and have to my website to learn this tidbit of information, can you answer me  a question? Has E.L James misspelled caning in her book?

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  1. Hilarious post, Asrai! I haven’t read the book so I don’t know if she misspelled the word or if the Google searchers are misspelling it!

    • Had a half dozen searches for canning in 50 Shades brought people to my blog today. I laughed hysterically. Hubby nodded and went to playing Skyrim.

  2. She spells it right, people are just silly. Hey baby, come can me with those tomatoes! Yeah, that’s not so sexy. Then again, I don’t think caning is sexy either. Ouch!

    • Thank you Tammi. I don’t know if that makes it better or worse. Pain can be sexy. I prefer my pain to come in a nice deep massage from hubby.

  3. Caning is not spelt wrong in the book. Just read wrong

  4. No she has not mispelled it. She spells it Caning.

  5. No he hasn’t spelt it wrong lol

  6. thank you for the clarification, i was wondering what the heck the author was talking about. =3 I get the feeling she didn’t do her homework before writting the books =P

  7. Sooner or later you will read the book, is ficking awesome.

    • I have read them. While the story might have been enjoyable, the main characters annoyed me. Ana acts more like a twelve year old and Christian is a poor dom.

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  9. Its not mispelled in the book. However i never knew what it meant. So glad someone did :p

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