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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Blogging …


I know blogging about blogging how boring.

I was just thinking about my process. It’s probably not the best. And if I did better I might get more views. I often write these things up late at night. I’ll be surfing Pinterest or Twitter or my blog feed reader and get ideas. Usually I’ll schedule a bunch of stuff in advance and ignore my blog for the next two weeks.

Eh I’m not here because I’m trying to grow my blog. I like yelling into an echo chamber. My focus is on my fiction. I am not into niche blogging right now. I’d like to be but I don’t have time to read into one niche ’cause all my free time is fiction time.

Anyway, I write these blog posts late at night. And then I hit schedule and I really don’t look at them again. Occasionally I’ll check to see if the formatting is good and I do read comments. But I don’t reread my content.

Yeah …

I should probably save those things into a draft and read it over just once more before it goes live.

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  1. it`s impossible to keep up to everything. blogging has suffered in my corner of the world and i`m tired enough i`m not writing either. OUch. got to fix that. so if you`re writing you`re ahead of me.

    • Has your day job got you busy?

      We’re tied right now. I’m half finished a novel, but it’s missing some stuff and I really don’t know how to finish it. I have a new idea perculating, but not ready for paper yet.
      I decided to start crocheting.

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