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Becoming more concrete


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Some people are goal people.  Goal setters are people who like having a direction.

Some goal setters are vague, they know where they want to be is somewhere over there. And they wander towards it.

And others have a detailed map of exactly where they want to go, how they will get there, how long it will take to get there and reference points along the way so they know they are going the most efficient route.

If you are the second type, you probably don’t need any tips on goal setting. You’ve got it down to a science, maybe you even make  yourself up charts at the end of the year to study your progress.

If you are the vague type, as I am, you might be happy with this, but heading a little more into the specific type of goals might help you achieve them.

I do like vague goals, because I feel like specific goals might be limiting me. What if there is something better than the idea I have right now?

I once sat down and decided the next five books I was going to write. They were pure speculation. I had ideas, no plots, a couple characters and a problem. I started writing the first one and decided it was a crap idea, I dropped it and went to the second, realized that I had no interest in it any more  I never plan any further than what inspires me most.

In general, you won’t reach a goal if it in’t measurable. “Get in shape” is very vague, you can wander on this one. “Be able to run at 15 mph on the treadmill for 30-45 minutes,” is something that can be measured, as is, “eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetable everyday (even though I had anything green)”.

You don’t even have to get that specific. “Get organized” is vague. You’ll make a few weeks of half hearted attempts to get rid of the fairies and dolphins you’ve been collecting since a teenager, but when  you realize you can’t part with them, you’ll give up organizing all together.

Not that I have experience with that problem … I’ll defend my books as well. TO the death!!

“Get rid of enough junk that I can close the closet door without fear of an avalanche” gives a better benchmark of where you want to be. Because when I say get organized, my uber organized friend has visions of everything in a box, neatly tucked away in a closet or else gone. My version of organized is kitchen counter with an empty spot and floors free of paper, garbage and sticky spilled juice spots.

“Be successful” doesn’t mean much unless you know what “success” means.

Are you a goal setter? Do you set specific or general goals? If you are not into goal setting, please tell us why in the comments. If someone could tell me that goal setting doesn’t work, I could run with the excuse to be lazy.

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