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Beauty and the Werewolf: a review (small spoiler)


I don’t know how to word this spoiler. The book is easy to figure out, if you want to read the book, skip reading reviews on it and just read it. My criticism in a nutshull is the book lacked tension.

I’ve given up on the 50/50 challenge. I don’t have the will to watch movies. 2 hours of unblocked time? haha, that’s writing time baby, and blogging and social media. If there really is 2 hours of time that I don’t have someone demanding something of me. And if it weren’t those, it would be housekeeping.

But I’m still reading at least a book a week these days, I just haven’t been tracking them. I asked about fantasy suggestions a while back and one from Karen J was Mercedes Lackey and my library had one of her newer ones in the electronic lending library so I downloaded it. Beauty and the Werewolf, a romance. And a new take on Beauty and the Beast, with a dash of Little Red Riding Hood.

It was fast paced and a page turner. I suspected who it was half way in but had to read frantically until i got the the end and found out the villain.

But at the same time, I was left feeling a little unimpressed. I raced to turn the pages. What went wrong?

Lack of tension at all.  The only reason to turn pages quickly was to find out if I was right or not and looking at it, of course I was correct, there was no other option. There were only three characters in the book.

For a romance, even as a subplot, there was no romantic tension. Until the scene where the hero and heroine did something other than try to find out how to break the werewolf curse, there was no mention of any attraction whatsoever, it felt tagged on as if Lackey remembered this was supposed to be a romance. She had more page time with his invisible servants than the hero.

Even Bella’s raging against her three month imprisonment incase she turned werewolf felt half-hearted.

It’s a reminder to me, that tension needs to be on every page. I’m going to see if I can read the rest of the series, because I love a good rewritten fairytale.

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  1. Hey, at least you got a good lesson from the book. I like her earlier books, but haven’t read anything new from her. I think I’ll stay away from this one.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that, but not terribly surprised – many of her ‘series’ books, and especially the teen-/YA-targeted ones, have often felt more ‘churned out’ than ‘crafted’.

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