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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

Asrai dreams of bars, dollar stores and more


I have really weird dreams. It’s those kind of dreams that people tell you about and you think, “No one dreams shit like that, you are totally making that up” but I swear this is the stuff my unconscious  is made of.

Everyone dreams weird shit, but I”m weirder in that I remember a lot of my dreams. I can recall more if I tell myself, “I will remember my dreams.” (My real dream is to be able to lucid dream).

I was running from something. That’s a common theme, sometimes the threat is more credible than others. This time, it was very vague.

My husband was with me and we went into a bar. It wasn’t only a bar, it was also a dollar store. But you could only order drinks if you came in a certain door. If you came in another door, you could buy stuff from the dollar store but you could not drink from the bar. My brain kept adding more doors, but another part of me decided that was enough and we left.

All of a sudden, I was Jennifer Aniston. Or watching her, well I was her, but I was having an out of body experience. Anyway, Jennifer Aniston was there.

Jennifer Aniston at the 2008 Toronto Internati...

Jennifer Aniston at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We were at another bar and guys were hitting on Jennifer. Then one of them pulled her boob out.

At that point, my brain thought “that’s enough of this shit” and we left the dream. Or my son woke me up. Or my REM cycle ended. That part is also very fuzzy.

I really don’t do well if you wake me in the middle of a dream. It can take me hours to recover.

I can’t even do a dream interpretation on this nonsense. If anyone wants to take a crack at that one. though the boob thing could  have been Sunshine Boy reaching into my shirt to breastfeed.

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