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An Ode to my Pajama Pants


pjpants_pinterest_sizeI thought about titling an apology to my husband.

There are two times I take off my pajama pants. If I have to leave the house or I’m going to bed.

Yep, I don’t wear my pajama pants to bed. I prefer to have 50 blankets piled on me so they anchor me to my bed.

I often will get dressed, take the kids to school, come home and put my pajama pants back on.

They are fuzzy. They are warm. They are the perfect length. They have an elastic waist.

I hate jeans. I wear leggings or looser yoga-type pants when I have to leave the house. Which I can dress up or down, depending on the occasion. But at home, you’ll usually find me in my pajama pants.

I don’t wear the same pair all week. I have several pairs, with hopes of acquiring more this Christmas. They all have been presents from my husband, as well. So it’s a win for him as well, he can say he gave me something I use everyday.

And he doesn’t complain. At first he thought I was being lazy. But I explained it was just more comfortable and he nodded.

So there, that’s my favorite piece of clothing. What’s yours? Did you choose it for comfort or for style?

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