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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

An early chapter from Corey


Before Corey and Nicole, there was Corey and Mac. Mackenzie “Mac” Black was Doug’s sister. Corey was Doug’s landlord/roomate. and when Amy’s relationship with Adam Johnson, Doug’s best friend (read Love Can’t Wait for all the details), went south, Amy moved in with Doug. And made Corey’s life a living hell.  Here is how their first meeting went. (She arrives at Doug’s place while the guys are out at practice or something). 


Corey Porter was elbowed by his team-mate and room-mate Kyle McLachlan as they went into the house they rented from yet another teammate Doug Black. Corey was a little put out as he had lost the basement to Doug’s little sister.

In fact, she was parked in his spot right now. He parked on the street. And Doug had volunteered them to move her stuff in. Except Doug was behind them cussing at her for unpacking herself.

“I’m gonna go call Rena,” Ky said, referring to his fiancée. She lived in his home town and they had only been engaged for 2 weeks. Ky was making Doug and Corey crazy with his moony, madly in love talk.

Corey made the ‘whipped’ sound as he elbowed Ky on his way by. “Mac,” Doug called as he kicked off his shoes. “Mac, you here?”

Ky shrugged and disappeared around the corner to his room. “Where the hell is she?” Doug muttered to himself as he went downstairs. Corey glared at his back. Not much he could do. If Doug’s story was half-true, then the kid deserved a break.

Corey headed upstairs to his room. He stopped short inside the door. There was a lump on his bed. Unless he was mistaken, it was a female lump. He went around the bed. Average height. He couldn’t judge the body from the side view. And her blonde hair obscured her face.

Either a blonde Snow White had broke into their house to sleep on his bed or this was Doug’s little sister, Mac. Curiosity got the best of him and he brushed her hair back. She batted at him and rolled onto her back with a sigh.

Little sister, wasn’t the little sister Doug made her out to be. She was a woman. Fully developed. He watched her breasts rise and fall. It was too hot for a showing of nipples, he thought. Should have turned the A/C on before he left. With just a brush of his hand he could coax them out.

An image of Doug walking in on that stopped him. Corey would be out of the house. Rightfully so. If he had a younger sister, he’d kick the ass of any guy who looked at her sideways.

He considered the new situation. Temptation had moved into the house. No wonder Doug had moved Corey upstairs right across the hall from him. Corey didn’t exactly have the best track record with women. He’d be the first to admit it.

Now the idea of touching Mac’s supple body was implanted in his head. Not Mac. Doug’s little sister. Maybe if he thought of her that way it would stop him.

He snorted. That was just adding fuel to the fire. Forbidden fruit. Corey was always the first to jump on any dare. This was just as good.

He bent and touched her shoulder.

No flames from heaven. That was good.

He shook her gently. “Mac.”

She shot up to sitting. Her eyes, barely focused, honed in on him. Her fist slammed into his nose. His eyes watered.

He wasn’t well known for fighting. He’d had his share. Being punched in the heat of the moment didn’t hurt. He cupped his hand over his nose and cursed. “Fuck. Damn woman. I was just trying to wake you. What the hell?”

She shrank back as if he had struck her. His stomach dropped. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to shout. It’s just that hurt.”

Mac relaxed as he dropped his hands. Then she jumped off the bed alarmed. “Shit, you’re bleeding. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hit. It was a reflex. I didn’t expect anyone to wake me.”

“Just hold on.” Corey ran to the bath off his bedroom. He grabbed a towel and wiped his face. The bleeding had already stopped. He cleaned himself and returned to the bedroom. “What the hell is going on here?” Doug boomed from the door.

Corey held up his hands. “I found her in my bed. I shook her to wake her. Gentle like. And she clocked me. Right in the nose. Made me bleed. Hell of a right hook.”

“Left,” Mac said.


“I’m left handed.”

Corey looked at her. That was a completely absurd comment to make at this moment. “Whatever.”

“What are you doing in Corey’s room?” Doug demanded.

“You said in your note your room was on the left.”

“I did?” He considered this. “I was thinking at it from the opposite side. This is totally my fault.”

“It would make me feel better if I punched Doug.” Corey winked at Mac.

“Don’t wink at me. I’ll stop feeling sorry I punched you.”

“Well, that was the worst introduction I’ve ever had. Maybe the family reunion should take place outside my room?”

Doug realized the situation. “You’re here.” He smiled warmly at his sister. He put his arm around her shoulder. “Come on. Let’s go downstairs. I’m so glad you came.” He shook his head at Corey over his shoulder.

Corey didn’t acknowledge the warning. He hadn’t done anything. He wouldn’t do anything. Unless Mac gave him the go ahead. He closed the door behind the happy family. He preferred them to do the mushy stuff away from him. Happy and family were two words that didn’t go together in Corey’s world.



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