Asrai Devin

Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

a tease


Brad returned from the bed room with his new toy in his pocket. He checked on the chicken first, adjusting the temperature so he had a few extra minutes.

He turned and grabbed his girlfriend around the waist. He kissed her neck, his hand slid over her hip, across her stomach and inside her shirt. He teased her nipple until she melted against him. Then he gripped it between his thumb and finger and pinched until she whimpered.

“How’s my good girl?”


He gripped her ponytail and pulled her back. “I have something for you.”

“If it’s your dick, that’s not anything new.”

He pulled her hair harder. “Smartass.” He walked her forward. “Hands on the table and bend over.”

She complied, like the good girl. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”

“Being a brat.” She couldn’t seem to help herself. He might have to step up the punishment.

“We must have a night where you can be as bratty as you want. Tonight, there’s punishment for it.” He pulled up her skirt, exposing her bare ass to the kitchen. With no pretense or warm-up he slapped her five times. Her skin was red, but it wouldn’t last long. He caressed the soft spot.

She stood up. He pushed her down. “Stay there.” He used his knee to nudge her legs apart. He could see evidence of her arousal already. “You’re wet already, my little slut.”

She sighed. “I can’t help it. You smack me and my body knows what’s coming next.”

He slid his finger along her slit. “Perhaps I should just leave you there without touching you.”

“Please don’t.”

“I won’t, but not because you asked. But because it’s my plan to turn you on.”

He slipped a finger inside her, wetting his skin. He used the damp on her clit, flicking across the sensitive nub until she moaned.

“Stay there, I’ll show you the new toy that arrived. One of them. I spent some money, but we’ll unveil the new toys slowly.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the plug. He set it on the table within her view. “Is that for my ass?” she asked. He didn’t know if he’d fucked her enough times or it was her arousal that erased her usual shyness. It had slowly been dropping, but the blunt question was unusual.

“It is.” He picked it up and pressed it against her pussy. He used it to rub her clit. He thrust the plug inside her. He dropped his hands away. “I forgot the lube, hold that until I get back.”

He went quickly to the bedroom, but when he got back, he found her wiggling it inside of her.

He coughed and she dropped her hands away. “You’re a bad girl tonight, little miss.”

“I haven’t seen you all week.” He had his teenage daughter’s for the week while their mother was out of town and explaining why their former babysitter was sleeping over with Daddy was out of the question.

“Poor little slut.” He pulled the plug from her pussy and coated it with lube. He pressed it against her ass, wiggling it. She tensed and he pulled away. “You will push down a little while I put it in. If it hurts tell me.”

He watched the spot relax and he moved slowly until he was all the way in. He rubbed her lower back. “How does it feel?”

She wiggled her hips. “Okay. Strange.”

He curled two fingers against her clit. “Better?”

She thrust back against him. “Much.”

He removed his hand and smoothed her skirt down. “Stand up.”

She stood stiffly. Her hand rubbed over her ass cheek. “That’s it.”

He kissed her cheek as the timer went off for the potatoes. “That’s it until after we eat.”


part 2 next week 😉

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