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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

a simple tease part 2


Part one is here. 

Kylie could barely sit on the chair while she at the meal Brad cooked for her. She looked at the table top where just ten minutes ago she was pressed against the cool surface, while he teased her, then filled her ass with a butt plug. He’d been talking about owning her ass, he’d fingered her there a few times.

Every time she shifted, the plug shifted, plus her thighs were sticky from the teasing. She had almost lost her appetite for food. She picked at the meal while she normally loved what he cooked.

“What’s wrong? Not hungry?” He grinned from behind his fork. “Eat up like a good girl and you’ll get a reward.”

She cut a piece of chicken off the breast and ate it. “Can we eat after we fuck?”

He shook his head. “This is part of you learning patience.”

She nodded. He was training her to be a good submissive. And she was trying, but sometimes, like before he teased her, she slipped into what he called “brat Kylie.” She was sassy, always had been, but with him it seemed more natural.

After they ate, he left without a word. She started clearing the dishes, dying to know if he was getting the bedroom ready to fuck her. He came back holding something, it looked like a chain. Maybe it was a collar and leash? She didn’t know. She kept at her job while watching him out of the corner of her eye. The chain disappeared into his pocket.

“See, I knew you were a good girl.” He pulled her from her job and against his body. He kissed her, his tongue spicy in her mouth. His hands slid inside her shirt each caressing a breast, teasing her nipple with a soft touch. He rolled her t-shirt up from the bottom, to bare her breasts. She thought he might use his mouth on her but he pulled the chain out.

“What is that?” She tried to get a better look.

“Tell me if I set these too tight. I didn’t close them all the way.” He slipped a clamp onto her nipple and she gasped. “Too tight?”

The pain eased into a dull ache. “I don’t know.”

The other one caused a gasp but settled into an arousing ache. She rubbed the spot above where it was latched to her. “It hurts but in a good way.” Now they could get to the fucking.

“Good. We should get these dishes cleared up before we watch the movie.”

Her jaw dropped open. “Movie?” He was going to leave her like this for an entire movie.

He grinned and she scowled. Bastard was fucking with her again. “We’ll see how it goes.”

By the time dishes were done, her pussy was throbbing. Between the plug and the nipple clamps, she was dying to get off. She might even beg him.

“If you crawl do you think your body will push the plug out?” he asked.

“It might.”

“Try. squeeze it in.” She dropped to her hands and knees and followed him to the living room. She knelt on the floor by his chair. His hand came to her hair and massaged her scalp. “You are so fucking beautiful. Are you wet?”

“Soaked,” she replied, easily. Quickly. She used to be shy discussing sex with him, but her arousal erased any apprehension she might have had.

“Show me.” She pressed hand between her legs and gathered moisture on her first two fingers. He removed his pants and boxers and sat on the chair, his cock at half-hard.

She offered her fingers and he sucked them into his mouth.

“You are wet. Seems I’m not as ready as you. I have been thinking about fucking your ass since the package came Wednesday. Are you ready for that?”

“If you think I’m ready.”

“I think you’ll let me know if anything feels bad or painful. Seems you like having your ass filled.”

“I do. Sir.” He didn’t demand the title, but it seemed appropriate for the moment.

“How about you suck my cock and get me hard?” It sounded like a question, but it was more like a command.

She took his cock in hand and wrapped her mouth around it, pushing him deep in her mouth. He wrapped her hair around his hand, controlling her head, sliding her mouth up and down his length. Then he pulled her off with a pop.

She smiled up at him then dropped her eyes. Moment of truth was upon her. He put his hand under her chin and pulled her up. “Do you want this little miss?”

“Yes. I’m nervous though.”

“Come sit on my lap, little girl.” She crawled up on his lap, which was a little uncomfortable. “Give me a kiss.”

She pressed her lips to his. He deepened the kiss and twiddled her nipple with one hand, his other pressed her thighs apart, fingers slipping across her inner lips, flicking her clit. He moved further back and wiggled the plug in her ass. She moaned against his lips.

“Good girl.” He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

He laid her on the bed. “On your hands and knees my little slut.”

She turned onto her hands and knees. He eased the plug from her body. She watched him over her shoulder while he covered his dick with lube. He plunged two fingers into her pussy, finger fucking her until she relaxed.

He held the base of his cock while he pressed against her ass. “Just like before little miss, relax, tell me if it hurts.”

She nodded. “I’m ready, sir. Fuck my ass.”

He smacked her ass with his free hand then slowly pressed into her. She squeezed her eyes shut and took a few deep breaths until he stopped moving. She was full of him. “How does that feel little miss?”

“Good. Full.”

“You feel tight, like you’re hugging my cock, begging me fuck you.”

“I want you to.”

“You want me to fuck you?”


“Beg me.”

She swallowed. His twisted one nipple clamp untils he she squealed. Her cunt clenched and she pushed him deeper inside. “Please fuck me. Hard.”

He twisted harder. “Come on slut. You can do better than that.”

She gasped. She spoke louder, “Please fuck me, sir. Pound my fucking ass.”

“That’s my girl.” He slid his hand down to her pussy and rubbed her clit, while he thrust slowly into her.

Pleasure blossomed in a place deep inside she didn’t know existed. She pressed her ass up in the air. The pleasure turned to straight need. She needed to come. She needed him to fuck her.

“I need you to fuck me hard. Please.” She hoped that she conveyed the absolute need for him to take her.

He grabbed her hips with both hands and pounded into her her. He grunted and groaned behind her while he took her. She used two fingers against her clit while she met his thrusts with equal force.

“Oh god yes, I’m going to come,” she ground out.

He slowed. “Who owns your ass?”

“You do, Sir. Please I’m so close to coming. Don’t stop.” She whimpered.

“Say it again.”

“You own my ass. And my pussy. And my mouth.”

He rewarded her answer with a renewed fucking. And there it was, the pleasure exploded inside of her, like an earthquake. It resulted in a tsunami of sensation, overwhelming her. Her limbs shook. He caught her before she crashed so he could finish inside her. His orgasm didn’t even register, but he must have had one because he eased her onto the bed. She couldn’t stop shaking.

He hovered over her. He spoke, but she couldn’t hear it over the roar in her ears. She forced her arm up and patted him. He pulled her onto his lap. “Ky, hey baby. You okay?”

“I’ve never come like that ever. The first couple times I was with you it was pretty intense, but those times were nothing compared to this.”

“So it was good?”

“It was very good. Fuck. I can’t fucking move.”

He moved her to the pillows. “I will get you a glass of juice. Do you want something to eat?”

She shook her head. Once he disappeared she dropped onto the pillow. Fuck. She came back into her body and checked to see how she felt. Sore? No, stretched, gaping. But not sore.

He came back and cuddled with her until she felt like she could move again. “It will hurt when I take these off,” he warned, toying with the clamps still holding her nipples.

“I’m ready.”

She wasn’t. She squealed when he removed them. He soothed them with his fingers then his tongue. He pulled her close and stroked her, watching for signs of drop. They were both ready for sub drop now, the first few times it hit her hard. Now she was aware, but tonight she was good. Tonight, like every night, he held her and kept her safe. What more could she want?

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