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Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” ― Sylvia Plath

He’ll make a man out of her, and then turn her back into a woman


Mulan is my favorite Disney heroine. She is a doer. She grabs her father’s armour and pretends to be a man to protect him. She kicks everyone’s ass in training camp. She saves everyone on the mountain and then when they find out, she is kicked out. But instead of licking her wounds, she follows everyone to tell them the bad guys are coming. And no one believes her. So she kicks the bad’s guys ass.

And then the hero chases her down and says “uh hey, I was an idiot. I’m really sorry, can I spend the rest of my life making it up to you?”

At least, that’s what I assume he says. Because if he doesn’t grovel at Mulan’s feet, she should have kicked his ass out of her garden. Forget being a good girl, she is a GREAT girl. Breaking every unfair rule there is. Feminism at it’s best.

Do you love a heroine who kicks ass, takes numbers and still gets the guy? Or do you prefer a heroine who is a little more sedate? More like Cinderella who still tries her best but in the end needs rescuing. I don’t mind the occasional passive girl to a strong hero.

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  1. My favorite heroes are people who learn how to face themselves.

  2. Anthony said it beautifully. But having said that and to answer your question, I prefer the girl that does some of the saving rather than waiting to be saved. Can you believe I’ve never seen Mulan?

  3. Kickass every time. I can’t read a book that has a week heroine. I’m even more surprised that Debra hasn’t seen Mulan. It’s my daughter’s favorite movie, so we’ve seen it dozens of times.

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