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2013 preview


Here is how 2013 shall go:

I shall write my mistaken identity novel. I figured it out just before New Year’s. But I committed myself to taking some time off from writing and crafting instead, so I have to finish up two yarn projects.

Finish and edit Stolen Moments, a May December, we loved each other forever but timing wasn’t right, romance.

Write one or two other projects that I’ve started sketching out, or maybe projects I haven’t started sketching out. INcluding something with a heroine with major angst. It seems to sell.

Jump back into Row80?

Blog  including taking more pictures for my blog so I can pin my blog posts on Pinterest

Cut down in my blog reading. My RSS feed reader is unmanageable if I go away for a few days.

Read more books. And track them on the blog. Possibly review some.

More guest posts. Invite people in. Be more social.

Get a bunch of projects around the house done and crafty stuff. The main one being declutter, EVERYTHING. I have a pile started and am taking pictures for selling purposes.

Once that’s done, I pledge to only buy stuff I love and will  use. No more junk for the sake of having junk. ONLY stuff that is loved and will get used.

Take some courses. We will see if the money and time budget allow.

Speaking of money. $1500 a month by the end of the year. Hubby and I spent some time today daydreaming about what we would do if we had an insane amount of money.

There is so much more I’d like to get done in 2013, but I think this is a good start. What are your plans for this year?

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