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2012 in review



I wrote about dining room tables, which is my second most viewed post of all time, on the blog.

Our furnace went out, which coincided with the coldest days of the year. It was close to -50 C outside with the windchill.


The dark side has cookies


We put in new flooring in the living room. I love it just as much today. But you can’t see most of it due to toys and the rug we had to put under the computer desk chair and the new furniture takes up more room.


My family lost one of it’s youngest members in a tragic accident.


Putting readers in the driver’s seat, a key to success?

If 50 Shades of Gray is Twilight Fan Fic and Twilight is Mormon Bible Fan Fic … do monkeys driving motorcycles wear seatbelts?


Rich People Suck?


Should you Niche Down?  I still don’t have the answer to this.


50 Shades old school romance?


Canning vs Caning in 50 Shades of Gray This is my most viewed post of all time. A lot of you are interested in caning. It is not a beginner activity.

Canning is much interesting.


Second Chance Romance got an edit and a new cover. God I love this cover. It’s still free most places as well. This book being free really cuts down on the returns on all my books. Readers know what they are getting into with my books.

And we saw Carly Rae Jepsen in concert!


Best freinds make my world go round

Social media is for being social, not social marketing



I’m addicted to stats checking   Still am. My views have been pretty sad since moving to the new domain.


Love Can’t Wait and When Love Knocks are finally out to all retailers!!

We had snow by October 25. What was that about? We went sledding that day.


There was an election somewhere … This month was a dud for blogging

I somehow didn’t blog about getting my son’s top front four teeth removed surgically. So much nicer boy.


Seasonal Affective Disorder

Everybody is good just the way you are


Other highlights, starting making money from writing fiction via Smashwords and Amazon. My biggest seller is Barnes and Noble, so when it took nearly three months to get in with my last two releases, I was very frustrated.

I got my hair cut short. The last six years I let my hair grow for about 2 years, then get it cut super short.

Someone evil, Susan Bischoff, introduced me to Dragon Age (maybe that was last year) and then we moved onto gaming crack, Skyrim.


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